QUIZ RESULTS

Congratulations on completing this quiz to find out if you are ready to take the leap from employee to business owner, and make a good income helping people with your gift or service. 

The results are listed below. Keep in mind that this is just a quiz based on my own experience as well as the habits, information from & conversations with other successful service-oriented business owners. Your judgment and decisions are your own responsibility.


Count your checked boxes.

9-10: Forge right ahead. You were made to be your own boss!

7-8: You've got a lot of the right attitudes and habits, which will serve you well in building a lucrative business. 
Consider getting some expert assistance with th 2-3 areas you didn't check off.

5-6: Use caution in moving ahead. There are many areas that you will need to improve upon through education, 
practice, support, and a mindset shift. You would be wise to reconsider starting something BEFORE you 
have more of the support systems, skills, plans and attitudes in place. This will require asking for help from 
experts (or taking the long, slow, broke, and painful path of figuring it out on my own.")

Less than 5:  I would suggest you rethink the idea of self-employment. Without a strong confidence about the
majority of these important characteristics and abilities, you are setting yourself up for a lot of struggle. If you DO 
​choose to forge ahead anyway, do yourself a favor and ​hire a good business coach (like me) to help you.

Your partner in success,