Amazing $5 Resources & Freelancers for Your Biz Needs!

Amazing $5 Resources & Freelancers for Your Biz Needs!

When you're just starting your business or trying to revamp and upgrade your brand and marketing materials, the list of things to spend your limited business investment dollars on can seem daunting and cost-prohibited. What's a savvy business owner on a shoestring budget supposed to do? Have I got an amazing–even unbelievable–resource for you!

One of the hottest new websites for freelance resources is a goldmine for budget-conscious business owners.

It's called (that's not a typo–there's 2 r's in it). I've found some great deals on here. And the price for everything is just $5!

Now, some of the $5 deals are for small units of something, like $5 for 1 minute or 1 unit of something that you would want MORE than 1 minute or unit of, so you would end up paying more than $5 for what you need.

However, some of the resources you can find or work you can get someone to do for you really is just $5. And buyer ratings on the deals seem to indicate that the majority of them do really good, quality work! No catch, no strings. How some of these freelancers can afford to do what they do for so little (some are from other countries, where $5 is a lot of money, but there are also Americans on there.

Although a lot of the offers are for really bizarre and frivolous things, there is a plethora of valuable business-related services and items that I plan to take advantage of and recommend my clients use to create the professional-looking materials they need for their business.

So, just what are some of the great deals you can get for you business for 5 bucks? Here's a list of things I've found so far:

  • Help with personal branding
  • A logo or graphic for your brand, website, marketing materials, business sign, etc.
  • Print-ready brochures
  • Banners and ads
  • Design your business card
  • Do keyword research for you
  • Update 30 entries in your contact list
  • Design, develop, or edit a powerpoint presentation
  • Proofread/edit or write your marketing or sales copy (found one with excellent ratings and reviews who will help you increase your sales conversions by either giving you hundreds of powerful calls to action or writing optimized sales copy especially for you.
  • A split-screen video interview of you with a "reporter" that creates the appearance that you were interviewed on a TV news program.
  • Virtual assistants
  • Website design
  • Someone even shared with me today that he found a freelancer that will revamp my website design for $5 (on another website I have from this one). I still can't believe that, but he has worked with this guy and said it's true and he does great work. I'm definitely going to look into it 'cuz I've been wanting to improve that site for a long time but didn't want to invest a grand or more into it.

These are just some of the things you can find on to help your business. Go on there yourself to peruse around and search for anything that you have in mind–you'll probably find it!

Warning: you can get sucked into fiverr just like facebook and email (I know I did while writing this post), so set a time limit for yourslef for general searching or go in with a specific need in mind. Check the ratings & reviews for the provider and narrow it down to maybe 5 to email to ask questions about your project before choosing. Fiverr has a user protection policy, too, which is a nice feature to feel secure about your purchases.

Please share with me what you think of fiverr and any services ("gigs") you purchase.


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