The Birth of Marketing, Mindset & Manifesting Coaching


In 2006, 2 weeks before my 40th birthday, the hypnosis center I worked at for nearly 8 years suddenly closed its doors and I found myself at a crossroads–either try to get a job back in the corporate world in my former field of marketing or finally strike out on my own as a self-employed hypnotherapist and coach.

I decided that this was the Universe’s way of giving me the opportunity and nudge to step more fully into being of service in the world. Actually, at the time it felt like a hard shove! It was perhaps the most scary and stressful time of my life! Within 2 weeks I was officially “self-employed.” Even though I was single and on my own, with no one to support me financially or emotionally, I was willing to take this leap and determined to make it work.

With the blessing and help of my former employer I converted many of the center’s clients to my own practice. Although I was grateful for the immediate clients and income from the center, I also had to deal with all the administrative tasks of running a business: developing fees and programs, marketing and promotion, and learning the sales process to convert prospects into clients.

I realized that being great at my craft was not enough — I had to learn and be great at running a business!

Over the coming months I did a lot of online research through articles, newsletters, blogs, and free teleclasses to learn about running my own business. There was so much to learn–and it felt like the more I learned, the more overwhelmed and confused I became. There seemed to always be something more that I had to learn or implement, especially to get more clients. I felt a constant pressure to buy this product or that service or another coaching program to REALLY know all I need to know and to do things successfully.

And although I had a marketing degree and 9 years’ experience working in that field before going to the hypnosis center, what I was learning now about effective marketing for my own business and in today’s world was so different. For one thing, the internet wasn’t even in existence to regular people when I was in college!

Thankfully, I learned enough and worked hard enough to keep my business going and paying my bills, though it was a constant struggle and I was working over 80 hours a week. Some months were very lean and I worried about money. Other months I had lots of clients and was able to replenish my bank account.

I kept wondering what I was missing. Why was it so hard and so inconsistent? Why was I stuck at the same income level for 3 years? Why did everyone else that I was learning from seem to be so successful while I was just barely making enough to pay my bills and keep out of credit card debt?

Then, in March of 2010, when my business was at its lowest point, I went to a powerful motivation-building seminar and did my first firewalk to remind myself how limitless I truly am. I came home with a new confidence and determination to make this my breakthrough year! I realized I needed to work differently in order to better use all the information I had already gathered, instead of chasing the next “shiny object,” or I would continue to stay stuck–and I was no longer willing to settle for that.

I began by taking a good look at my daily habits and my systems of working and marketing. I had so much good information I had gathered about marketing my practice, yet I noticed it was all over the place. I didn’t seem to have a good system or order to apply what I had learned from my various sources.

I also noticed that I had some bad habits like perfectionism and procrastination, doing busy work instead of income-generating work, running over time with client sessions, trying to do many things at the same time, doing a lot of administrative type of work myself instead of delegating it out, spending hours reading through emails, networking in places that were not helping me get business or good referral partners, etc. Perhaps you can relate to some of these?

I explored the limiting beliefs I had about myself, my business, and money, then began CONSISTENTLY (5-7 days/week) using the mindset-shifting techniques I use with my clients to change my own. That included hypnosis, NLP, meridian tapping, and a few other belief-shifting techniques I learned along the way.

Another big shift came when I began to incorporate spiritual principles into my practice. I have always been a very spiritual person, but didn’t incorporate those ideals into my business. They seemed like separate practices until I became exposed to coaches who taught the principles of being a conscious business owner. I realized this was something that really resonated with me and I sought out a spiritual business coach to guide me in applying these manifesting practices to my business.

Finally, the pieces all started falling into place and my business really shifted! I began doubling my average monthly income and doing it consistently. Marketing was easier and more fun. Opportunities for speaking, partnerships and referral partners were coming to me effortlessly. People seemed to appear out of nowhere to ask about my services, or even ready to work with me without going through my usual free consultation process. I was helping more people than before and often had a waiting list of clients. I was even able to “cherry-pick” who I worked with because I wasn’t desperate for clients and income, making the clients I DID choose to work with yield better results.

I realized I had finally found and put together all the missing pieces of the successful business puzzle:

Around this time I had also felt a calling to shift the focus and scope of my business to serve more people and on a bigger scale. In talking with my clients and other women I was meeting, I realized that there were many other business owners and entrepreneurs – both new and established – who were spiritually minded, had similar aspirations, experiencing struggles like I once did, and were open to learning and using ALL THREE of the principles that made the difference for me – the Outer Tools (marketing and sales systems), the Inner Tools (mindset), and the Higher Tools (purposeful manifesting). In fact, I was already coaching some of them!

Thus was born the idea for the Marketing, Mindset & Manifesting System. Based on what I had already learned and successfully applied to my business in these three areas – along with the ways I was effectively helping my clients with their businesses–I put together a unique and easy-to-understand system to guide heart-centered, service-based business owners to create a successful business quickly, with less effort and more fun!

Find our how your business can use these 3 Keys to thrive…

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