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A New Year's Gift to Achieve Your Goals in 2012

A new year is closing fast and a new one is about to begin.

What did you accomplish in 2011? What did you not? How do you want 2012 to be better?

Rather than making the typical New Year's Resolutions (which I don't recommend, as stated in my blog here), below are a few ideas–and a free gift–for ending the year on a positive note and starting the year off with the right attitude and resources to truly make 2012 a breakout year.

1. Take some quiet time to reflect on the closing year and write down 100 successes. A tall order for some of you, but if you really think about it and give yourself some credit, you'll come up with 100. They don't have to be big–it could be as simple as "I got my business license," "I got my first paying client," "I helped a client ease their chronic back pain," " I got 20 subscribers to my newsletter/facebook fan page," "I created a facebook fan page," "I got 5 testimonials." You get the idea. Put the list somewhere you can review it when you have a challenging period in your business (yes, they will always come–you just get better at moving through them and finding the gifts in them).

2. Reflect on what didn't happen or where things didn't go as planned. Ask yourself what gift was in them? Did you learn something? Did you move in a direction that still got you further along? Is there a way to use that information in planning 2012? Sometimes our mistakes and "failures" are our greatest blessings.

3. Write down on a piece of paper anything you want to let go of (negative feelings, unwanted patterns/habits, limiting beliefs, unhealthy relationships, etc.). Bring a metal bowl and a lighter outside (away from the house and brush) and burn the list in the bowl. Once it's nothing but ash (and no longer glowing), scatter the ashes in the soil and ask the Universe to convert the energy of those old things into positive energy to take into 2012.

4. Most New Year's resolutions don't survive past Valentine's Day. Learn to beat the odds by listening to an encore of my 2010 telecall,  "Make This Your Breakthrough Year." Now available to listen to at your computer. Find out more and register to receive it here.

Happy New Year Business Owners!

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Your partner in success,

Lisa Smith
Marketing, Mindset & Manifesting Coach

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