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8 Great Ways to Finish the Year Strong

The weeks of Christmas and New Years are usually a time when people (especially employees) go into “coast mode,” just doing the bare minimum of work until the end of the year.

But if you’re a small business owner or sales professional, it’s important to not let the opportunities of these last 2 weeks slip past you because you become “complacent.” In fact, you may have “year-end sales quotas” to fulfill–either from your employer or from yourself (hopefully you set an annual income goal at the beginning of the year).

Here are 8 ideas for making the most of the final weeks of the year and finishing strong.

  1. Look at your #s for the year and see how far you are from your stated goal. Getting an accurate, real-time accounting will help you make some important decisions about how to proceed.
    (If you’re not tracking monthly and year-to-date sales, START DOING THAT NOW and keep it up–it’s a MUST if you really want to succeed in your business)
  2. If you’re close, make a decision to do whatever it takes to pull in that income before year-end.
  3. If you’re further away than you think you can close with your offerings, at least set a goal that will be a stretch but seems within reach if you do some hustle.
  4. Gather all your old leads from whatever sources they have come to you (again, I hope you have a capture/tracking system in place for this; if not, you must plug up this leak!) and reach out to them by email or phone. 
  5. Don’t send a mass email; instead, personalize the contact by mentioning their name and what you know about them/their issue in the email. This will take longer, but is more likely to yield a reply.
  6. Even more impactful, effective, and straight-forward is calling people to reconnect. As with the email, make sure you address their specific concerns or needs and ask if they have resolved it or if you can help them in some way. You could also include a special “year-end offer” to entice them to spend money NOW instead of waiting til the beginning of the year.
  7. Reach out to past clients to check in to make sure they are still satisfied with the work you did/what they purchased/what they worked on with you. Offer to fix any problem or to work with them again if they need something; have a “year-end” or “past client” special pricing option for them if they book something and pay at least a deposit by the end of the month.
  8. If past clients don’t express a need to work with you again, tell them you’re “on a mission to xxxxxxxx (how you help people)” and ask them if they know of anyone who you might be able to help, as you did them, and that they can pass this special offer off to the person they’re referring.

Which of these 8 ideas are YOU going to implement as early as today to finish strong with the current year and move into the new year on “up energy”?

(And if you’d like 7 more ideas, read this post:

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  1. Julie Boswell says:

    Great, actionable advice! So glad I read this today.

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