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hot tip7 Hot Tips to Get Clients in December

It’s December. Time for the dreaded holiday lull! Or is it?

Unless you’re a retailer, the commercialism of the season can divert funds from your service-based business, which can’t usually be purchased to give¬†as a gift (unless you can do gift certificates, but that’s a much lower price point). People also tend to allocate their “spare time” to shopping, cooking, decorating, parties, and travel.

But your business can’t take a holiday. If you need to drum up more business for the month, how can you possibly “compete” for peoples’ time and wallets amongst those additional distractions?

Here are 7 tips that have worked well for me and for colleagues who are in coaching, holistic & other service-based businesses:

Tip #1:¬†The first thing you MUST do is change your mindset. If you believe that you can’t get business at this time of year, that’s what you’ll experience! This is due to a combination of the Law of Attraction (your beliefs fulfill themselves) and the Law of Inertia (you stop action/ movement).

I used to have a strong belief that December was always going to be a “slow month” in my business. This was dervied from my “observation” at the hypnosis clinic where I worked for 8 years that during December, there weren’t a lot of new clients starting. That perpetuated itself once I went into business for myself, until about 4 years into my business, the business coach I was working with called me on it, and reminded me that it was simply a BELIEF and not a truth! I could choose to believe something different and therefore create something different. We did some inner work on that and whallah! I had my best December ever! And I have continued to have better year-end sales since then.

Tip #2: Stay in action. ¬†Take advantage of your competitors’ apathy and keep marketing aggressively. If you change your belief that you CAN get new clients to commit to working with you at this time of year, you’ll keep doing what you do all the other months to get clients.

Tip #3: Extend a personal invitation to work with you. Call up past leads and have a one-on-one, heart-to-heart conversation with them. Ask them if they are further along in their goals than when they first talked with you and decided to postpone working with you. Offer to help get them into gear BEFORE the year is over so it doesn’t feel like a “wash” and they can stop struggling with trying to do things on their own. Or find a way to work the holiday challenges into what you can offer to provide for them so it’s easier or more rewarding for them.

The remaining tips are all about creating incentive for buying NOW vs. LATER

Tip #3: Address their pain points.¬†Lovingly remind them of the “pain” that not changing is causing them, or what they’re losing out on by not taking action NOW.

Then paint the picture of what it will be like to start experiencing more of what they DO want. Impress upon them that the next month will pass whether they’re doing something about these challenges or not, and wouldn’t it be great to be further along a month from now instead of just getting starte¬†then (or even being further behind by then). Assure them that you can also help them deal with the challenges the holidays might present to their business or personal goals so they’re not dealing with them alone.

Tip #4: Offer a “Christmas Bonus.” Avoid the “Black Friday Sale” hype by offering some added value options to your normal programs or services. I rarely recommend “discounting” to my clients, but you could throw in some extra incentives on top of what you normally include in your packages/services. It may involve extra time with you, or some “goodies” from your resource library that you could throw in to “sweeten the pot,” such as a product you¬†normally sell. You could even partner with a colleague who serves your same audience, but in a different way, to offer something of each other’s as a sign-up-now bonus.

Tip #5: Offer the ability to start in January.¬†If devoting time to working with you during this hectic month is one of their concerns, offer to lock in their program price and the time on YOUR schedule if they pay now (in full or at least a deposit). You could even give them some simple resources to support them during the interim that don’t require a lot of time or energy (e.g., I give my clients a hypnosis process to listen to at bedtime).¬†

Tip #6: Offer to lock in the current year’s¬†prices.¬†You could share that you typically raise your fees in January, so if they know they’ve been wanting to work with you and would like to do so at your current rates, they can commit now with a full or partial payment and start within a specified period of time. (Don’t extend the time too long, or they are likely to lose momentum and change their mind before they can get started experiencing the benefits of working with you).

Tip #7: Offer a limited-time opportunity.¬†You could offer something that is a once-a-year option¬†(or some other highly limited amount). Make sure it’s something really juicy and would be highly beneficial for them.


Take action on at least one of the ideas above. Keep in mind that in order to do any of tips 2-7, you HAVE to first do tip #1. Commit to each idea¬†fully and carry it through to completion with a full and expectant heart. Make sure to keep the energy of service within it, though. If it’s all just about you trying to get a sale, it’s likely to turn out poorly.¬†

I’d love for you to share what you tried and how it worked out for you. Share here in the comments section.

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