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6 Quick tips and resources to improve your marketing efforts in 2017

Are you guilty of “last-minute marketing” (marketing your business or events spur-of-the-moment, instead of planning and promoting them strategically)? I used to do that all the time. 

Now I have less stress and better results by planning a large portion of my events (successful repeats and new ideas) for the coming year at the end of each year. Here are 6 tips to get you started so YOU can get more business in 2017 and have more fun doing it.

1. Start by assessing your activities and results for this year.

  • What ways did you market/promote your services or products?
  • How successful were they?
  • How do you measure your “success”? 

2. Whatever was successful is repeatable; don’t continually reinvent the wheel.

  • Plan to do it again (even more than once, if applicable) in the coming year.
  • Place it on your calendar if it’s an event
  • Systematize activities/procedures for “automated marketing”

3. Some ideas/activities might not have to be totally trashed, just tweaked

  • Review the various aspects of the marketing efforts–timing, location, content, offer/call to action, pricing (making a free event paid–even if just a small fee–can often boost its value in people’s eyes and entice them to engage), even the promotion avenue(s).
  • What could you adjust and try again, especially with a free event or activity, to see if you get a better response?
  • Can you get feedback from your target market about what they liked/didn’t like about the offering to tweak the right things?

4. Check your attitude

  • Did you have excitement about your idea, or were you just “going through the motions” because you thought it was something you “should” do?
  • Did you have fear or doubt about the activity, or do you have these feelings about marketing in general?
  • Your energy and beliefs about your marketing efforts has a stronger impact on your results than you realize. If YOU don’t have excitement and faith about your marketing, how can you expect your market to?
  • Work with someone like me to help you change the fears, doubts and limiting beliefs that put the brakes on even the best ideas for promoting what you offer.

5. Discover and be willing to experiment with some new marketing techniques or markets.

  • Do some market research of your target market–including asking past and current clients/customers–about what they want/need, where they hang out, what’s important to them, how they spend their time and money; this is all material to help you figure out what ponds to fish in and what bait to use.
  • Learn some new ideas that have worked well for others in your industry that you can replicate but still make them your own (being authentic to you/your brand/your business values is #1)

6. Once you’ve assessed what to keep, what to tweak, and what to toss; what new ideas are viable to test out, as well as what you need to work on internally, it’s time to start planning how to put that in place over the next year.

  • This is best done in large chunks of time of 4 hours or more at a time, a whole day, a whole weekend–where you can get into a flow of brainstorming, focused decision-making, and strategic distribution of those activities on your calendar.
  • It can feel like a daunting task, which is why so many people DON’T ever do it, and fall back on “last-minute marketing.”
  • Planning in a bubble (your own mind, your own world, your own resources) can also feel lonely and minimize your ability to see obstacles to consider and plan to eliminate or handle if they occur. Likewise, it can inhibit your ability to see solutions to apparent obstacles. Consider having partners to help you with the planning process (team members, colleagues, mastermind partners, mentors, coaches), like I offer in my annual year-end Marketing Planning Day.


Don’t go through the review and planning process alone or be “caught with your marketing pants down,” relying on the old method of marketing on the fly and scrambling each month to come up with ideas to get new clients.

Join the 2017 Marketing Planning Lockdown in Virginia Beach on December 16th from 9AM to 2PM. 

Dedicate 5 hours to get some guided coaching (and templates) from me on marketing avenues and ideas, brainstorm with and get feedback from other business owners, and most importantly, have quiet/focused working time to generate ideas, create plans, and literally fill in your calendar with activities to implement as soon as the calendar turns (or even beforehand). 

Click here to get all the details. Early bird rates end this Friday, December 9th and there are only 12 spots available (as of this blog posting, only 1 seat is available). But sign up today anyway, so you can receive the preliminary resources to get or work on and bring with you to the Lockdown so you already have things to begin working with.

p.s.–If you’re not in the Virginia Beach area or absolutely not available on December 16th but would really like to have the benefits of the Lockdown Day, please email me your interest. I have a couple of other private and group options in mind to offer, but need to know that people are raising their hand for them.

Do you need help with creating a winner’s attitude of positive expectancy? I might be able to help. Schedule a complimentary MMM Business Strategy Session or Personal Performance Consultation with me 
to identify and change what practical or psychological challenges are holding you back from being and doing better in life and/or business.

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