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struggle-ends-when-gratitude-begins5 Ways to Activate the Power of Gratitude (part 2 of series)

In last week's blog, How Gratitude Improves Your Bottom Line, I explained how gratitude works on a spiritual and even scientifically verifiable way emotionally, to be able to better attract people/resources/circumstances to you that will help you get clients and make money as well as to tap into the creative, problem-solving part of your brain that will help you come up with solutions or new ideas to turn things around in challenging times (which there WILL be when you are a business owner).

I promised to share in this next blog some specific ways that I and my clients and readers have used that have helped us to get measurable (and often very quick) results from tapping into the power of gratitude.

As I demonstrated in part 1, the power of gratitude is based not only on Universal Law, but also Physical Law. So let's work deliberately with gratitude to attract more of what we want in our business. 

Here are 5 powerful ways that have demonstrated their effectiveness in activating the power of gratitude to help your business (or anything else):

1. Record your gratitude

Keep a "gratitude journal" and write in it daily (as things happen that you can be thankful for or at the end of the day). It could be as simple as  bird singing outside your window or a beautiful day, someone giving you an unexpected/genuine compliment, getting a new lead or client, somoene giving you a testimonial, a challenge that worked itself out, money coming to you, etc. Make it a goal to write at least 5 things every day.

2. Share your gratitude with others

Openly share with at least one person things you are thankful for. Speak it to them, post on social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), write a letter, etc.

3. Share what you have with someone else

Recognize that you have things that others do not. Share those things with others. This can be your tongue (positive words), your time, your talents, and/or your treasure (money, gifts).

4. Connect to "Source" with prayers of thanksgivingspoiler alert--all turns out in end

Whether you think of it as God, the Universe, Spirit, Jesus, or something else as a higher power from which all things come, take time to be fully present and tap into that unbreakable connection. Not by begging for God to "save" you or give you what you want, but by thanking that Source for what It has already provided and for the faith that It gives you to trust that whatever challenge you are expriencing is helping you in some way, and everything will work out. 

5. Intend with gratitude

Set an intention for something you want to create and express daily gratitude (spoken, written, to others, to Source, etc.) for it coming (even before it does, trusting that it will).


Choose at least one of these ways to express gratitude to experiement with. Be consistent (do it every day) for at least 21 days and see what kinds of "miracles" happen to manifest just what you need when you need it.

Any time you notice you are going into the energy of worry, fear, complaining, switch to gratitude and really let yourself feel it. Then notice how things change.

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Your partner in success,

Lisa Smith
Marketing, Mindset & Manifesting Coach

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