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araceli4 warning signs that you’re busy but not productive!
Guest Blogger, Araceli Gonzalez

As a productivity & business mentor, people often tell me in conversation how busy they are. There’s so much to do! They can’t keep up and ultimately things fall off their plate. When I ask, “What do you want to accomplish?” there is usually a long awkward pause followed by “Oh, you know…the usual.”

The reality is that busyness is generated from a lack of focus. When you are not sure in which direction to go, anything and everything seems important–creating the sense of busyness and confusion in your life. 

Initially, it is difficult to pinpoint the cause of all the busyness.  Some people are not aware that their productivity is very low compared to the constant feeling of busyness. Here are a few scenarios to help you determine if you are suffering from busyness instead of being truly productive:

  • You lack direction & clarity and every time you feel like you have a good flow going, someone or something suggests something better.
  • You start a project that seems like a really good idea but after a few days or weeks you abandon it because something else seems like a better fit.
  • Your to-do list is jam-packed with things to do but you can’t seem to scratch anything off as completed.
  • You have been in a place of confusion for a while and the feelings of overwhelm and anxiety are constantly present.

If any of the above describe you, then you are busy for sure, but not productive. The first step into productivity is to evaluate your activities to make sure they are supporting your growth. Before you do anything in your business, ask yourself this question: ‘How is this going to move me closer to my goal?’ If the answer is not clear, do not add it to your list of to-dos.

Even if your direction right now is unclear, by filtering the activities piling up or the to-do’s still to get done, you will begin to map out your course of action–one step at a time. 

Araceli Gonzalez is the founder of, a company dedicated to helping creative entrepreneurs find their path to productivity and success. She is also the author of the eBook: “Get It Done! Your Complete Guide to Your Next 30 Days.” To grab your copy and learn how you too can become more productive, visit

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