3 Ways to “Take the Plunge” to Get Clients


I find that a lot of business imitates “life,” so I’m always on the lookout for how life’s situations can relate to lessons in business.

As I prepare to plunge into the freezing ocean waters of the Atlantic for my third Polar Plunge to raise money for Special Olympics, it occurred to me that “taking the plunge” could be a metaphor for a variety of things to build your business to get more clients.

Here are 3 ways you can interpret “taking the plunge” and actions you can take to impact your income and influence:

1. “Taking the plunge” could mean diving off the diving board into the water. Have you been hesitating on turning your hobby into a business and charging for it, claiming yourself as a true business owner by getting a busines license and telling people you have your own business, or quitting your job to make your part-time business a full-time and your sole means of income? Get off the board and take the plunge!

2. “Taking the plunge” could mean doing something uncomfortable in order to serve a greater cause. What are some things you KNOW will help you to get clients, keep clients longer, or get current/past clients to buy more from you, but you’ve avoided doing because it feels uncomfortable or scary? Write them down and take the plunge with at least one of them.

3. “Taking the plunge” could mean going deeper into your work–expanding on how you’re working with clients or what offerings you’re providing so you can make a bigger impact on them individually or impact people on a wider scale (like moving from 1 to 1 coaching to group coaching or events; or opening another location). Take the plunge and allow yourself to go deeper–your business and your clients will benefit.

So, let me lead the way. How I have recently taken the plunge is:

I stopped talking/thinking about starting a podcast to reach more people, share vital and helpful information with fellow conscious entrepreneurs, and build up my resource library to share with clients. Last week I launched my podcast and shared my first expert interview. PLUS, I stepped it up by making it a video podcast, not just an audio, and promising bi-weekly posts instead of monthly. (Click here to learn more and subscribe)

Now it’s your turn. Share in the blog comments how YOU are going to take the plunge some way in YOUR business.