3 Ways to Succeed–Hard/Slow to Easy/Fast


There are 3 main routes to the success that you desire:

1. Create the Map
2. Buy the Map
3. Buy the Map and Hire the Mapmaker

Each of these paths can bring you the achievement you want, but the ease and quickness of the path you choose will vary. Here’s how.

There are many paths to success, but the rate of the journey and the challenges will vary depending on which method(s) you choose.

1. Create the Map–the DIY method. Starting from scratch, figuring it out on your own. This will involve a lot of trial and error and be the longest route to your destination. 

2. Buy the Map–learn from others who have already done what you want to do; sometimes you can get some of this information for free, but you are more likely to have a reliable and accurate map if you pay the mapmaker to give you the how-to of the better, shorter path. (This is akin to the free teleseminars and the books or home study systems)

3. Buy the Map and Hire the Mapmaker–know and follow the route, as well as have the map maker as the guide for you when you encounter doubts/fears that you’re on the right path or you get stuck about how to proceed beyond any obstacles you encounter.
Having a tested, proven plan as well as expertise and support along the way from a subjective perspective will make the journey far less rocky and shorter than #1 or #2 routes above. (This would be akin to hiring a business coach who can give you the direction and plan to follow but also guide you along the way to). This is the quickest and surest path.


If you are fine with trailblazing and taking a more leisurely route, or don’t want to spend money to gain guidance and expertise, path #1 would be right for you.

Path #2 is for you If you would like to shorten the journey and know what paths to follow and have some idea of what obstacles you will encounter along the way to be better prepared. Or if you would like some guidance but prefer to put your own spin on things, and you are willing to trade time or trial-and-error for doing so.

Investing in yourself and your business by hiring a coach who has achieved what you want to will give you both map and mapmaker will speed up the journey and allow you to experience fewer of the predictable “bumps” along the way.