2Q 2014 Biz Goals & Marketing Planning LOCKDOWN

• Are you a business owner, sales professional, entrepreneur, or independent service provider?

• Was your First Quarter 2014 revenue disappointing?

• Are you COMMITTED to increasing your client base and income for the remainder of
the year?

• Is your 2014 business calendar still looking kind of bare? Or non-existent?

• Do you need some quiet, undistracted time, structure, guidance, resources, accountability & group brainstorming to help you map out ideas and activities for growing your business for the next three quarters?


If you answered a big “YES!’ to several of these questions, then this LOCKDOWN is just what you need!

It’s time to roll up your sleeves and lock yourself in a room for some focused brainstorming and quiet time to put some specific marketing activities on the calendar for each week/month/quarter of 2Q 2014 at least .

It may sound like a confusing, daunting or impossible task, but with a little help from me and other dedicated, driven & resourceful business owners, you can walk away with a good plan and actionable activities on your calendar that you can get excited about implementing!

For business owners, a new year means new opportunities to make this year better than last in terms of impact, client base/influence,
and income.

A VITAL component to making that happen is a year-end review/assessment (What “rocked” and what “sucked”) and strategic planning for activities and improvements for the next 12 months.

“Most people don’t plan to fail; they fail to plan.”

Don’t go into 2014 without a plan (big picture) and detailed activities and timelines for accomplishing them. That means coming up with ideas and putting them on a calendar (including the dates of the activities that will be required to pull it off).

"This event helped me learn how to document my attempts to see if they truly panned out in new business. It gave me resources to help me move in the direction I wanted to go."

"Lisa has many great ideas that she is willing to share with others in an educational format. She got us to come up with specific goals and plans that are relevant to us as entrepreneurs/small business owners."

My intention for this LOCKDOWN is to give you the time and help necessary to develop some sound marketing ideas and assign them to specific or projected dates so you leave with a good blueprint to follow for the coming year.

No matter what kind of business you have (home-based, brick & mortar, product and/or service, network marketing, outside sales, or your own company), this I GUARANTEE this kind of strategic planning and calendaring will make a huge difference in assuring 2014 is more efficient, less stressful, more predictable, and more successful than you could ever imagine!

I just participated in a similar event to get mine done and I’m so excited for what I have planned! Now I want to help you do it by locking you in a room for 4 hours to GET IT DONE!

"I came to the Lockdown January Workshop to get a plan for the next six months. Lisa's guidance through this process is fantastic. The tools she gave us during the workshop has helped me to solidify and to stretch my thinking for my business. I learned that it is important to stop and think about what I want to implement in my business, write it down, put it on the calendar and then do it. Being intentional about my business is what is important to get the success I deserve. I would recommend anyone to participate in this workshop because if you are to grow in your chosen field it is necessary to learn new ways to do the activities that make all entrepreneurs successful. Try it once and see for yourself."

What is the cost of this Lockdown day? Let me ask you this:

What is the cost of not being prepared with plans and strategies for new client acquisition? Hundreds of dollars? Thousands? 

What is the immediate or lifetime value of ONE NEW CLIENT? If it's at least $150 or more, the extra business you'll get as a result of this day of coaching and planning will double your investment and pay for itself exponentially. (And if you're not earning more than $150 with one customer, we need to talk!)

Date: Friday, April 11, 2014
Time: 8:30AM to 12:30PM  

Location: Will be emailed to registrants; will be at a central location in Virginia Beach
REGISTRATION: There is a 10-person limit* (see below), so register early. Early bird fee is $49 for past participants and $75 for first-timers; late registration for everyone is $100 after 4/7/14.

Goals of the LOCKDOWN:

  • Review the successes and lessons of 2013 & 1Q2014 as a jumping-off point for planning the rest of 2014
  • Develop BOLD business goals to expand your influence, impactand income
  • Learn/review the various avenues to promote your product or service
  • Uncover the Top 6 Places to Find New Clients Now
  • Develop ideas & plans for marketing and promotion (on your own and through group brainstorming) 
  • Uncover Joint Venture or Referral Partners  to help you grow your business
  • Set dates for important/recurring/annual activities
  • Reverse engineer your activities (start from the end and work backwards) to assure timely and effective implementation
  • Learn Simple & Proven Time Management Techniques to get @*%! done (including one based on a tomato)

What the LOCKDOWN Will Look Like:

8:30-8:45 WE’LL START OFF with Group Sharing—Each person will share a brief (1 MINUTE) intro. of themselves and their business, along with their top 3 goals to achieve during the lockdown     

8:45-9:45 NEXT, there will be about 45-60 minutes of instruction/guidance by yours truly about using the past year's lessons to improve the current one, targeted marketing, top 6 ways to acquire new clients quickly, using a “marketing pie” to determine your top 3 ways to market your business, how to plan a year of activities, and ideas/examples of calendaring/project management systems     

9:45-11:15 THEN, everyone will have about 90 minutes to jot down their ideas, start assigning projects and activities to each quarter, and mark up their calendar(s) with specific or tentative dates for various activities 

11:15-11:45 WE’LL COME TOGETHER for about 30 minutes to do some group brainstorming on any blocks, ideas, or feedback that people need help with (programs or products to create/promote, marketing activities, timing, resources, catchy titles, etc.)  

11:45- 12:30 FINALLY, you’ll have another block of silent time (about one hour) to continue filling in your calendar(s) with long-range marketing activities and at least second quarter 2014   

12:30 We’ll end with a wrap-up by sharing our calendars and what we’re most excited about, along with our first activity to implement in the next week or two

Due to the time allocated for brainstorming and sharing our businesses and goals, I am limiting participation to the first 10 paid registrants, so register early. Also register early so you will have more time to work with the pre-lockdown worksheets I will be sending you when you register. It’s crucial that you do this preparation work to get the most out of the limited time we have together. There will also be a list of items I suggest you get and bring to the session; you will get details about those when you register.

Investment: $49/$75 “I’m serious and committed” pre-paid fee. Since we’ve only got 10 spots, and the group will best benefit you and each other if all the participants are SERIOUS about showing up and doing the work to grow their business, I am requiring a pre-paid registration fee. Late registration (after April 7th) is $100.

Register by making payment with the PayPal button below, then return to this page and complete the registration form below this payment button. If you have any problems, please contact me right away at 757-828-7960.

Previous Attendee Early Bird (use above button)–$49 by 4/7

New Attendee Early Bird (use above button)–$75 by 4/7

New Attendee (use above button)–$100 after 4/7


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