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You are still valuable

Do You Know Your Value–No Matter What?

A speaker stood at the front of her audience and held up a crisp, new $100 bill.

“Who can see what I’m holding up?” she asked.

“A hundred dollar bill,” some replied.

“Great;” she continued, “what is this bill worth?”

“A hundred dollars,” they replied.

“And who would like this $100 bill?”  Most hands in the room raised quickly.

She then proceeded to fold the dollar bill over a few times. Finishing, she held it up again and asked… 

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Creating a Better Relationship with Money

What kind of relationship do you have with money? Is it a loving passionate affair, or is it fizzled out and down in the dumps?  Is it a love story or a horror story?  Has it been that way for a while (even “all your life”)?

I’ve done a lot of my own inner work around various money blocks and have learned some great concepts and techniques around attracting money more easily and consistently, and I share these with my private clients. One of my money mentors, Morgana Rae, has an interesting concept about money:

Treat money like you would a person you are dating and want to have a good relationship with.

This perspective has completely shifted my concept about money and my relationship with it! It has also allowed me to see some ways I have pushed money away instead of inviting it to “move in with me.”

Here are some things to look at and work on to improve YOUR relationship with money from this perspective (and an upcoming opportunity to attend a free live or virtual training with me to uncover and clear some of your negative money beliefs and patterns).  

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