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struggle-ends-when-gratitude-begins5 Ways to Activate the Power of Gratitude (part 2 of series)

In last week's blog, How Gratitude Improves Your Bottom Line, I explained how gratitude works on a spiritual and even scientifically verifiable way emotionally, to be able to better attract people/resources/circumstances to you that will help you get clients and make money as well as to tap into the creative, problem-solving part of your brain that will help you come up with solutions or new ideas to turn things around in challenging times (which there WILL be when you are a business owner).

I promised to share in this next blog some specific ways that I and my clients and readers have used that have helped us to get measurable (and often very quick) results from tapping into the power of gratitude.

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gratitude why get moreHow Gratitude Improves Your Bottom Line (Especially When Times Are Tough)

What do you do when business isn’t going so well, and all the “doing” you are doing still doesn’t seem to be yielding new business, and you’re starting to feel the fear well up?

Do what I have learned to do: Stop and be grateful.

“What?!” you may exclaim. “How can I be grateful when more money is going out than is coming in?”

It seems counter-intuitive, but being grateful for both what IS and what ISN’T, for what you HAVE and what you DON’T HAVE, is a big key to helping turn things around.

I have proven this time and again in my business (even when I forgot for a while and had to bring myself back to this knowing). So have others.

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hands-money-piecesSimple Bookkeeping Basics For Women Entrepreneurs (Guest Post, Kendall Summerhawk)

When I first started my business, I kept track of my own receipts–income and expenses–in a very rudimentary way. I was only seeing my own clients sporadically, on a part-time basis while I was working a job, so this was sufficient.

Once I transitioned by business to full time, the tracking became more complex and cumbersome. I hired an accountant to do my taxes but still kept the task of recording my income and expenses on a two-column sheet of lined paper. 

I hated dealing with it every month and at the end of every year. It took a long time and it was not something I enjoyed or was good at. And as my business grew, as I added more expenses and dealt with several business credit cards, the complexity became overwhelming. Eventually I realized it was time to hire a book keeper to help me. 

If you're in this boat right now, read this article by one of my mentors, Kendall Summerhawk, to learn some simple things you can do to make this task more manageable until you are ready to turn over your books like I eventually did.

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