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pig or a chickenAre you a chicken or a pig in your business?

Not everyone who wants to build a successful business doing what they love is going to "make it."

What separates successful people from unsuccessful people? It's not luck. It's not even necessarily intelligence.

It's commitment.

The commitment to your end result and your BIG WHY(s) behind it (your driving force). Without commitment, you'll have a default plan–a back door out if things get too hard or scary. With commitment, you make decisions every day to keep moving forward no matter what.

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raining money_woman

Could This Simple Shift Get You More Business AND Better Client Results?

Today I’d like to share with you one strategic shift in your service-based business that will simplify your marketing, allow you to charge higher fees AND get better results for your clients. This is a tip I expanded upon in one of the bonus videos that was included in my Get Clients NOW & Forever teleseries pre-event preparation.

Before I share the strategy shift, let me ask you a question:

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money faucet

Are You REALLY Ready to Have Your Own Business?

If you are thinking of starting your own business (or keeping your current business going) helping people and making good money doing it—not just “getting by”—the first thing you must do is make a crucial mindset shift.

You must begin to think like a business owner and not just a service provider. That includes getting out of the employee mindset and to begin thinking like a boss and a salesperson.

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AA040001Why a newsletter is so important to your business — and to your current and potential customers

One of the things I share a lot with my clients is the importance of having a frequent and consistent way to stay in touch with people who have expressed an interest in or purchased your goods or services. 

I'm finally making the move myself to create one instead of relying on just blog posts, which don't get delivered directly to my "tribe"'s inbox, so they often miss out on information I want them to be able to have to grow their businesses.

Here’s a list of 7 benefits to you and your readers:

1. You get to share your passion, wisdom, expertise, experience & resources with a lot of people who are eager and even desperate to learn and be helped.

2. The people you are writing to get valuable help.

3. You get to be seen and known as an expert in your field.

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