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Marketing Tip–Be a Specialist

Who do you think makes more money, a general practitioner or a podiatrist? A podiatrist or a foot surgeon?

There's a saying in the coaching field, "niche to be rich."

This is because if people have a specific problem, they are looking more for specialists and experts (know a lot about a little) for that problem than someone who is a generalist (know a little about a lot). [Read more…]

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Do You Know Where Your $ Comes From?

Do you think animals sit around and worry about where their next meal is coming from? Or toss and turn at night fretting if someone is going to take their home away? Have you ever seen a squirrel asking another squirrel for some nuts because he couldn't find his own? Do you think a bird stays in her summer home because she's afraid that her winter home won't be there if she flies to it as she's done year after year? No? Why do you think that is? [Read more…]

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  Inspiring People–Jason McElway

I love hearing about and sharing stories about people that overcame seemingly insurmountable obstacles, went for their dreams despite naysayers, show us what’s possible when we believe and ever give up, and demonstrate admirable behavior and integrity–even when others might try to convince them not to or when they didn’t even know anyone was noticing.

Here’s a great “Rocky” story that will lighten your heart and make you cheer! (And rethink what’s possible for autistic kids.) [Read more…]

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  Seeing Is Believing–Or Is It?

You know that saying, "I'll believe it when I see it"? What if that was backwards, and the real truth is that "you'll see it when you believe it"?

Let's explore the concept of looking at the world and the events in our lives in this new way and how it can make a huge impact on the experiences we have and the results we get in our lives. [Read more…]

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  Making Peace with "I Don't Know"
  Guest Blog by Lorraine Cohen

  Do you ever wonder, “What am I supposed to be doing?”

That’s a common question when going through periods of transition. Transition is the psychological reaction to change — anger, confusion, fear, anxiety, grief…

With the consciousness shifts occurring on the planet, there can be many moments when life seems to be a great mystery and all you have are questions that seem to have few answers. At least the answers you want and hope for [Read more…]

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Is Your Ego Voice Getting in the Way of Growth?

Sometimes your head gets in the way of what's for your highest good.

  I recently had a woman come to me for the free MindMastery Strategy 
  Session I offer when someone contacts me about my services. After we reviewed her pains and challenges, her goals and desires, and what services I could offer to assist her to move from where she was "stuck" to where she wanted to be instead, she asked to "think on it" so she wouldn't make a "rash decision."

This, I have found, is the "kiss of death" for achieving our goals—"thinking" too much about it. [Read more…]

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Fear vs. Guidance–How Can You Tell the Difference?

A colleague mentioned that she was feeling an uneasiness about a decision she was trying to make on whether or not to go into a business venture with someone.

She was unsure about whether the uneasiness was her intuition telling her this deal wasn't in her best interest, or whether it was her mind creating doubt about moving forward with something that was a stretch for her.

I think we all struggle with this from time to time and in varying degrees. [Read more…]

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Editing Your Videos

There are several ways to create or edit your video to make it appealing for the viewer and to edit out “mistakes.” I’ll share with you some of the free ones. There are ones you can purchase, like PhotoShop, but they’re probably more than you need just for what you want to do for simple videos. [Read more…]

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Ways to Shoot Video

Since I’m talking about shooting video, I thought it appropriate that today’s post actually contain a video I shot. :  )
(Pardon the blurry appearance; don’t know what was going on with my webcam resolution today. Since I was using the Flip cam in the demo, I couldn’t shoot with it.) [Read more…]

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    4 Ways You Must Differentiate Yourself from Competitors 

    Guest Blog Author: B. Michelle Pippin

A few months ago, my daughter received the news:  She needed glasses. Because she’s going into the 7th grade, she was a bundle of both excitement and hesitation with the announcement…. but mainly excitement… and I believe it’s because there is something in ALL of us dying to be different. Different than who we were yesterday and different than … [Read more…]