The Birth & Mission of MMM!

Welcome to the Marketing, Mindset & Manifesting blog!

My mission is to educate and equip new and established entrepreneurs and small business owners with the ability to serve more clients, make more money and have more ease in building their businesses.

Each blog post will have the goal of expanding your awareness about and tips to use one or more of the 3 key areas I teach clients (Marketing, Mindset, and Manifestation) to create business success more easily.

Each of these 3 areas have contributed to my business success and continual growth (see My Story).   And although each of them is important to the full picture of your business, the one that most traditional businesses (and business training) focus on — marketing — is the least important of the three.

The two more crucial ones are your mindset (thoughts, emotions, beliefs, patterns & programs) and manifesting process (the conscious or unconscious creation of what you want or need through Universal laws and principles such as the Law of Attraction).

If you are already spiritually minded and have studied success principles enough to accept the power of your subconscious to help or hinder you, what I share each week in this blog will serve to inspire, motivate, strengthen, and activate you to build a healthy and strong business using these principles.

I welcome you to this community of like-minded readers and encourage you to share your comments, questions, insights, struggles, and successes with us as we share our journeys of making an impact while making money doing what we love!

Lisa Smith
Marketing, Mindset & Manifesting Coach

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