2 Questions to Clear Your Money Pathway and Experience More Ease & Success with Money


Is money beating a path to your door? Or has it seemed to have taken a detour?

If you don’t have a clear pathway for money to come to you, you are not set up for financial success.
There are many practical, mindset and spiritual principles for removing money blocks and becoming a better money receiver/retainer.

Whether you have had issues with money your whole life or if, like me, your money challenges started when you began your business, becoming very clear on how you are aware of money in your life is a key element to having a better experience with it.

I am constantly studying money principles and teachings from a variety of disciplines and teachers/mentors/coaches, not only for myself to become more powerful and purposeful with money but also to help my clients and others do so as well.

A few exercises from a book I am currently re-reading (and actually DOING the exercises from this time) have been helpful to me and I encourage you to consider and work on them as well.

In “The Energy of Money” Maria Nemeth first lays down four action commitments to do with all the exercises:

  1. Look–be willing to really take the time and energy to be aware of what you are doing with money
  2. See–be willing to critically examine how you are with money
  3. Tell the truth–be willing to make unbiased and unemotional/factual statements about how you are and what you are doing with money and where you are with your money experience
  4. Take authentic action–be willing to DO something different based on your evaluation and based on new information and teachings you may acquire

Next, armed with those commitments, answer these two questions:

  • Where am I conscious about money?
  • Where am I unconscious about money?

Being conscious about money means paying attention to it, having a good handle on it or at least knowing what you know (good or bad).

Being unconscious about money means where your head is in the sand; what you are ignoring and pretending isn’t there/isn’t a problem; where you have resistance to looking/seeing/telling the truth/taking authentic action.

Here is a partial list to get you started with your awareness about where your money path might be clear and where it might be blocked so you can start improving your money experience:

  • in your wallet/purse
  • your bills
  • your debts
  • receipts
  • record keeping/book keeping
  • bank account balances
  • balancing your checkbook
  • separating personal and business money
  • client payments/invoicing
  • list of things to repair/replace/purchase (personal, business)
  • cost of repairs
  • budgeted spending/tracking
  • all your business expenses
  • monthly/quarterly/yearly profit & loss statements/tracking
  • where you’re leaking/wasting money
  • investments
  • retirement goals and funding plan
  • insurance (how you are protected personally–health, death, illness/injury)
  • asset protection (personal and business)

Yes, this seems like a daunting list, and not a lot of fun to look at/deal with.

But unless you do, your financial house is not in order, you do not have a clear path to ease and success with money, and you are setting yourself up for not only failure in planning and reaching your financial goals, but also for being taken by surprise by “the unexpected” (which ultimately happens in one way, shape or form for all of us) and landing in a not-so-great place.



It’s time to “put on your big girl panties/big boy undies” and examine these areas.

It’s not going to happen overnight, and some things will come up with more resistance and pain than others. You will need help in examining, understanding and fixing some of these areas (like insurance, investments, book keeping, etc.), so be willing to find and utilize that help in whatever way you can.

But if you commit to tackling them one by one, you will soon find your path to financial freedom becoming clearer, your business growing more rapidly and easily, your money saboteurs dropping away, and your sense of power over money increasing.

Do you need help clearing your money pathway? Schedule a complimentary Strategy Session with me to identify what tactics you are missing in the three keys of creating financial successful with your business–Marketing, Mindset and Manifesting–and IMMEDIATE steps to take so you can get more clients and make a difference in more lives–including your own! Remember, if you don’t reach out for help, you’ll stay stuck.

Your partner in success,

Lisa Smith
Marketing, Mindset & Manifesting Coach