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Untapped prospects no boxThe 67% of Ideal Customers You're Not Reaching

I was listening to a webinar with Callan Rush who shared some interesting statistics about attracting and converting ideal clients. According to her surprising statistics, only 3% of people you could help with your services/products are ACTIVELY SEEKING a solution to their problem or a way to fulfill their desire. And 30% are never going to buy from you. But there is a full 67% of people left who you are likely missing out on helping. Are you leaving money on the table by ignoring them? And who are they?


Stats on people who can be cultivated to become ideal clients: (source: Callan Rush, author of "Wealth through Workshops")

3%–Actively shopping for your product/program/solution. Their need or desire to find a solution and pay for it is urgent/immediate. This is the "easy" sale–and the group that most sales people focus on.

30%–No interest/need/Too much resistance. These people are not likely to ever buy. Don't waste your efforts on them.

The other 67% of people who could benefit from your service or product is what most people miss, or don't spend enough effort on "courting" to become a customer:

  • 7%–Considering your product/program/solution, but not actively seeking. Their need or desire is important but not quite urgent/immediate. You can get them to buy if you communicate with them to establish a sense of urgency (push their pain buttons–what is not having it costing them now; highlight the detriments of waiting–worsening situation, waste money, harder to fix later)
  • 30%–Aware of need/want for future. There is little sense of urgency or other issues/choices seem more important/urgent. Educate them on why they definitely need it now or how it would benefit them to get/solve it now (avoid future pain, easier, less expensive than if wait)
  • 30%–Unconscious of need or that there is a solution available (or alternative to what they've already tried that didn’t work). Educate to help them identify their “symptoms,” label or classify them with a specific need and that you have a solution that works (and how it is different from what they might have tried that hasn’t worked) or drawbacks of trying something other than your services/products if they haven’t tried anything yet.

So aside from the easy 3% of ideal customers, begin to focus your marketing efforts on the other 67% of people are also in your ideal market. Educate and nurture them to take action NOW and with YOU through more direct, educational marketing channels such as a blog, a newsletter, videos, podcasts, articles, teleclasses, speaking, etc.


Don't know how to use education-based marketing to nurture this "hidden" market and convert  them into happy clients? Schedule a complimentary MMM Business Strategy Session with me today. I'd be happy to talk with you personally to review your current marketing plan or share resources for creating one.

Your partner in success,

Lisa Smith Marketing, Mindset & Manifesting Coach

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