Recommended Resources for Biz/Life (Jan2016)

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check markRecommended Resources for Your Business (or Life in General)

I come across a lot of great resources that assist me in running my business and my life by helping me organize, simplify or automate what I need or want to do.

I share these from time to time as I discover ones that I think would be really great for you, too.

If you use and like something I shared with you here, please leave a comment so others are encouraged to try it, too. And if you have something you use and love that you would like to share, please add that in the comment section. Here are my picks for this month:

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How to Not Waste Time on Bad Prospects (Yet Still Be of Service)

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This topic came up in my local Women's Money MasterMind meeting today. I did some coaching around it for the ladies and thought it would be relevant to you, too.


Have you ever felt like you waste a lot of your precious/valuable time on "free consultations" with prospects who just weren't a good fit or didn't have the means/urgency to pay you to help them? How can you "weed them out" without feeling unkind or judgmental.

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Sometimes Less is More

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beauty in simplicity croppedSOMETIMES LESS IS MORE

When you're running a business, it's vital that you review your numbers (profit & loss statement/balance sheet) on a regular (at least quarterly) basis to see if you're on track with your goals and make adjustments before you get too far afield.

It's equally vital that you review your EFFORTS on a regular basis as well. That means things like …

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Organizational Tips to Add $5k/Month (or More) to Your Bottom Line

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Our next "Marketing, Mindset & Manifesting with Lisa & Friends" video podcast is
ready to watch:

Organizational Tips to Add an Extra $5k or More to Your Bottom Line with Virginia Maddan

Special Free Gift Offer: "Hurry Up and Get Lazy: A 4-Point System to Reclaim 5 Hours of Your Time Every Week

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Launch of Our Video Podcast!

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Announcing the Launch of our video podcast, "Marketing, Mindset & Manifesting with Lisa & Friends"

This podcast has been a vision of mine for over a year, and has morphed through various stages within my mind before finally coming to fruition as a biweekly video podcast.

These podcasts are designed to be short but information-packed so you can quickly learn and apply the tools, tips & tactics to help you make the impact and income you are hoping to with your business.  

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The 4 D’s for Effective Task (Time) Management

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To-Do ListThe 4 D's for Effective Task (Time) Management

Most people tend to struggle with "getting it all done." The to-do list seems endless and just when you cross one thing off, 3 more things that need to get done pop up to replace it. The invention of the email and smart phones seems to have exacerbated this issue.

As a business owner, since "time is money," it's crucial that you be very protective of your time and the tasks that you spend your time on so you are getting the best ROI from the those tasks and don't burn yourself out.

I've come to find that time management is really about task management, and there are 4 main ways to handle tasks most effectively.
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Time Management Is NOT Your Problem. THIS Is. (Guest Blog)

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David NeagleTime Management Is NOT the Problem With You or Your Business. THIS Is.
Guest Blog, David Neagle

One of the things I have struggled with in my business, and that my clients constantly ask for help with, is the elusive “Time Management.” 

We’ve all got the same 24 hours–or 86,400 seconds–to use each day. And as a business owner, your time is money, so each second must be guarded and used carefully. How you utilize your time is a key factor in the success of your business.

What I’ve come to learn (and continually work on practicing and improving) is that it’s more about “Activity Management” than Time Management.

A recent blog post from one of my mentors & coaches, David Neagle, is a perfect mindset shift to share with you as you prepare for a “clean slate” and achieving more in your business this year (and beyond).

Question: How do you find the time to do everything that needs to be done to actually make more money?

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