A quick technique to calm stress and negative emotions

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9-Gamut Technique for Calming Stress and Negative Emotions

Let’s face it. Being a business owner can be stressful–a lot! And often requires stepping out of our comfort zone to try new things, take risks, and put ourselves out there, which naturally initiates a feeling of fear, doubt, and uncertainty. 

These emotions can cause us to procrastinate on taking action, diminish our creative thinking, drain our confident energy when communicating with others, and engage in unproductive habits–all sabotaging our potential to be and achieve our best.

But how do you stop that “emotion train” once it’s “left the station?” It can seem impossible, even if you’re consciously telling yourself to “snap out of it.”

My go-to technique is EFT (emotional freedom techniques) and I’d like to share with you one of its derivatives, the 9-Gamut Technique, in a quick tutorial video.

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A New Way to Heal the Mind & Body (Guest Blog)

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A New Way to Heal the Mind & Body
Guest Blog, Nick Ortner

Sharing this great article my friend, Nick Ortner, wrote and had published in the Huffington Post last week about this exciting new field of Energy Healing, which is bringing science and quantum physics into the forefront of a breakthrough way to heal physical and emotional issues.

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