4 Ways to Find More Ideal Clients

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4 Ways to Find More Ideal Clients

If you are a coach or healer, you are likely often working yourself out of clients because they are dealing with short-term specific goals/challenges, which you help them resolve in a few sessions or a few months and then they’re “done.”


Although there are sometimes ways you can continue to offer services or products to them for the same or other issues, there are times when they truly don’t need anything else. Then it’s time to find another client to take their place (and the income you were receiving from them).


If your client turnover is frequent, here are a few simple tips to help you find more just like them (especially the ones you loved working with).


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Q&A–How Do I Choose a Good Niche Market?

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fork in roadQ&A–How Do I Choose a Good Niche Market?

When doing a VIP Day with a new business client recently, she asked the million-dollar question–one that will impact the success of her start-up business at the very core:

How do I choose a niche market that will be right for me?

If you don't get this right, it can cost you a lot of time, sleep, stress and money. Which is why I focus a good deal of time and teaching on this topic with all my clients (even established ones if they are struggling to make a profit).

Aside from finding a market you can be passionate about helping and have the proven ability to help them, there are 6 criteria we look at that must be met in order to have a "viable niche." If any one of them is missing, you must change the niche. (And make sure you understand what a "niche" is in the first place)

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How to Not Waste Time on Bad Prospects (Yet Still Be of Service)

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This topic came up in my local Women's Money MasterMind meeting today. I did some coaching around it for the ladies and thought it would be relevant to you, too.


Have you ever felt like you waste a lot of your precious/valuable time on "free consultations" with prospects who just weren't a good fit or didn't have the means/urgency to pay you to help them? How can you "weed them out" without feeling unkind or judgmental.

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Sometimes Less is More

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beauty in simplicity croppedSOMETIMES LESS IS MORE

When you're running a business, it's vital that you review your numbers (profit & loss statement/balance sheet) on a regular (at least quarterly) basis to see if you're on track with your goals and make adjustments before you get too far afield.

It's equally vital that you review your EFFORTS on a regular basis as well. That means things like …

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Boo! 5 Ways You May Be “Scaring” Your Potential Clients Away

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woman screamingBoo!  5 Common Ways You May Be Scaring Your Potential Clients Away 

It's Halloween! This is the time of year when many people delight in scaring people or being scared. But this isn't what you want to do with your potential clients!

You want to be attracting ideal prospects to you, not causing them to run away (or worse yet–warning others to stay away from you). But you might be unwittingly doing just that! Here are some common ways that you may be scaring off people who could be ideal clients:
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The 67% of Ideal Customers You’re Not Reaching

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Untapped prospects no boxThe 67% of Ideal Customers You're Not Reaching

I was listening to a webinar with Callan Rush who shared some interesting statistics about attracting and converting ideal clients. According to her surprising statistics, only 3% of people you could help with your services/products are ACTIVELY SEEKING a solution to their problem or a way to fulfill their desire. And 30% are never going to buy from you. But there is a full 67% of people left who you are likely missing out on helping. Are you leaving money on the table by ignoring them? And who are they?

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Could this simple shift get you more business AND better client results?

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raining money_woman

Could This Simple Shift Get You More Business AND Better Client Results?

Today I’d like to share with you one strategic shift in your service-based business that will simplify your marketing, allow you to charge higher fees AND get better results for your clients. This is a tip I expanded upon in one of the bonus videos that was included in my Get Clients NOW & Forever teleseries pre-event preparation.

Before I share the strategy shift, let me ask you a question:

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Are You REALLY Ready to Have Your Own Business?

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money faucet

Are You REALLY Ready to Have Your Own Business?

If you are thinking of starting your own business (or keeping your current business going) helping people and making good money doing it—not just “getting by”—the first thing you must do is make a crucial mindset shift.

You must begin to think like a business owner and not just a service provider. That includes getting out of the employee mindset and to begin thinking like a boss and a salesperson.

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Create an Operations Manual—Don’t Neglect This Vital Tool for Your Business

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ops manual photo

Create an Operations Manual—Don’t Neglect This Vital Tool for Your Business

I want to share a seemingly mundane topic with you today that is really of great urgency and assistance for your business—the importance of having an Operations Manual and how to create one.

If you’re a solopreneur, you are probably doing everything to run your business yourself. And whether you’re just starting out or have been doing it for a year or more, whether you’re doing it part time or full time, there are a lot of things you’ve learned and implemented to keep the business going.

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