Organizational Tips to Add $5k/Month (or More) to Your Bottom Line

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Organizational Tips to Add an Extra $5k or More to Your Bottom Line with Virginia Maddan

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Are Your Office Piles Rotten? (Guest Blog)

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How to Let Your Piles Expire
Kacy Paide

One of my first memories of organizing must have been from elementary school when I was helping my parents organize the basement.  We always joke that my dad has any electrical doo-dad you can think of “in stock.”  He’s an electrical engineer and collects HAM radio and computer parts the way I collect mechanical pencils and click erasers.  I had come across a box of computer cooling fans that he wasn’t ready to part with.
Even back then I not only organized just for fun…

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Resource–Remember and Store Anything Virtually

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Resource–Remember and Store Anything Virtually

* Do you have scraps of paper all over your office or in different notebooks with ideas, contact information, things to do/remember?
* Are you ever out somewhere and need to access some information that is in your office or at home?
* Are business cards that you've collected from networking events tucked in different corners and not stored in a useful way?
* Do you have trouble remembering who you met, where, and even remembering their name?

If so, you'll love this virtual "note" and contact keeper and organizer! (And it's free to use the basic features).

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