How to Get Someone to Like & Trust You

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mirroring-stuart smalleyHow to Get Someone to Like & Trust You

You might have heard this before: “People do business with who they know, like & trust.” Whether it’s a company and its reputation, or a person and their reputation or personality, building the “know, like & trust factor” is crucial if you want to gain customers or collaborators (others who assist you in reaching your goals).

NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) is one of the modalities I am trained in that teaches ways to gain rapport with someone. This method uses what we have learned about how the mind processes and responds to information. And a technique to get someone to like and trust you is called “matching” or “mirroring.” By using this technique, you can gain rapport with someone within a few minutes.

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4 Ways to Find More Ideal Clients

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4 Ways to Find More Ideal Clients

If you are a coach or healer, you are likely often working yourself out of clients because they are dealing with short-term specific goals/challenges, which you help them resolve in a few sessions or a few months and then they’re “done.”


Although there are sometimes ways you can continue to offer services or products to them for the same or other issues, there are times when they truly don’t need anything else. Then it’s time to find another client to take their place (and the income you were receiving from them).


If your client turnover is frequent, here are a few simple tips to help you find more just like them (especially the ones you loved working with).


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6 Things Successful Business Owners Never Say

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The words you say can be very powerful in terms of how people respond to you or your message, and also very telling of your character and attitude. You will speak what you believe and how you think. People who are success-minded use different language and phrases than people who are not achieving their goals. Here are 6 phrases you will not likely hear from successful business owners. Do YOU use any of them?

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Networking That Works: Secrets to Finding Networking Events That Get You Ideal Clients [Video Podcast]

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Our next "Marketing, Mindset & Manifesting with Lisa & Friends" video podcast is ready to watch:

Networking That Works: Discover the Secrets to Finding Networking Events That Get You Ideal Clients with MaryJane Boholst

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Must-Have Marketing Mix Elements: Networking

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Must-Have Marketing Mix Elements: Networking

Previously, I wrote about the importance of having a marketing mix and determining your top 3 effective marketing tactics to focus on. Today I want to expand on one of my favorites–networking.

First, it's important to really understand what business networking is. A good definition would be "the process or practice of building up or maintaining informal relationships, especially with people whose friendship could bring advantages such as job or business opportunities."

I believe the key idea here is "building/maintaining relationships." Yet this is where so many people go wrong with networking–they go into it first with the attitude of "getting."

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Free Resource: Client-Getting Checklist

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check markFree Resource: Client-Getting Checklist

Client acquisition is the #1 most important focus of your business. If you don't have clients, you don't have a business, right?

There are many ways to find ideal clients and turn them into paying clients. 

The good news is that there are MANY activities you can engage in to find new clients. The bad news is that there MANY activities to choose from to find new clients!

Sometimes it can get overwhelming managing all the different activities for client acquisition. And often you are doing so many other things in your business (especially early on when you're wearing all/most of the "hats") that you can lose track of your marketing efforts.

That's why I created this handy Monthly Marketing & Client Acquisition Checklist for myself to keep track of my marketing activities–making sure I am working on client-getting activities every week/month so my pipeline doesn't dry up yet also being focused with my efforts. 

Until now, I have reserved this amazing checklist for myself and my clients. But I have come to realize how valuable these "done for you" administrative checklists can be to a new business owner. So I'm giving you this one as my gift to you for being a valued blog reader.

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Do You Have the Right Attitude About Networking?

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Do You Have the Right Attitude About Networking?

Networking with other business owners and sales profesionals is a great way to promote your business and get referrals, and is one of the things I recommend to clients to add to their "marketing mix."

One of the networking groups I've been involved with for a couple of years recently changed its member attendance requirements to request more regular attendance in order to stay on the member roster and maintain the member privileges. A couple of members who have been absent a lot in the past few months expressed disappointment in the change in rules and said they would have to resign because they couldn't attend at least twice a month.

Here is my reply to them, which is a good lesson for you, my readers, about the purpose, process and advantages of networking:

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The Importance of a Marketing Mix

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The Importance of a Marketing Mix

What is a "marketing mix" and why is it important to have one? Have you heard that saying, "Don't put all your eggs in one basket?" The same reasoning goes for having a variety of ways that you market your business. Relying on only one or two methods is most likely a recipe for disaster.

Although you may have heard about a business that survives solely on one way of getting new customers (such as referrals/word of mouth), this is a rarity and not something you want to initally pin your business success on.  

Having several sources of marketing will better protect you from your pipeline of prospects drying up. Yet, having too many sources can spread you too thin, creating extra stress or diluting your effectiveness.

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