Organizational Tips to Add $5k/Month (or More) to Your Bottom Line

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Organizational Tips to Add an Extra $5k or More to Your Bottom Line with Virginia Maddan

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Time Management Is NOT Your Problem. THIS Is. (Guest Blog)

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David NeagleTime Management Is NOT the Problem With You or Your Business. THIS Is.
Guest Blog, David Neagle

One of the things I have struggled with in my business, and that my clients constantly ask for help with, is the elusive “Time Management.” 

We’ve all got the same 24 hours–or 86,400 seconds–to use each day. And as a business owner, your time is money, so each second must be guarded and used carefully. How you utilize your time is a key factor in the success of your business.

What I’ve come to learn (and continually work on practicing and improving) is that it’s more about “Activity Management” than Time Management.

A recent blog post from one of my mentors & coaches, David Neagle, is a perfect mindset shift to share with you as you prepare for a “clean slate” and achieving more in your business this year (and beyond).

Question: How do you find the time to do everything that needs to be done to actually make more money?

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