Is Your “Money Thermostat” Set Too Low?

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money thermostat

Is Your “Money Thermostat” Set Too Low?

Have you hit an income ceiling in your business (or job) that you just can’t get past?

* Do you find it hard to raise your rates yet are barely getting by with what you do charge?

* Do you have a hard time holding on to money, especially when you finally get to a certain amount?

* Do you feel like you have to “work harder/more” to make more money?

These are all signs that you have a “stuck” money setpoint. And until you raise your money thermostat, you will continue to experience this barrier to earning–and keeping–more of those dollars. 

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Why is Hypnosis Good for Business?

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Hypnosis - word cloud illustrationWhy is Hypnosis Good for Business?

I often get raised eyebrows at networking or business meetings when I share that I am a mindset coach for business owners, and that I use neuroscience techniques such as hypnosis to help people change their unproductive behaviors and achieve their goals more quickly, easily & permanently. 

For those who show curiosity and ask to know more about why and how I use hypnosis, and if or how it could help them with THEIR business, I share the following explanation:

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The Secret Formula Behind All Success and Failure

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It might seem like a bold statement, but I believe that the majority of all success or failure in any endeavor is a direct result of what’s happening in your head and heart, which I explain succinctly through the TEAR formula.

Understanding and following the TEAR formula will make you exponentially more likely to achieve your goals. Conversely, failure to understand and follow this formula is likely to lead to a failure to achieve your goals.

This is why it is the cornerstone of all I teach and do, and those who work with me are people who get this concept (and if they don’t, I cannot work with them).

This “secret to success” formula can be described like this:

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Is Your Mind More Weeds Than Flowers?

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Is Your Mind More Weeds Than Flowers?

In a session the other day with a client, I was attempting to find a metaphor to describe the process of creating change in the mind and the techniques I use to do that.

If you've got a mind that is overgrown with barren ground and weeds (negative thoughts), it's going to be hard to grow anything there. Yet a spot clear of weeds and with soil that is rich, sown & filled with lots of nutrients can grow flowers, vegetables, herbs, or anything else it desires.

The challenge is how to pull the weeds that are invariably there, and how to get the flowers growing. For some solutions to this dilemma, and what helped my client, read on.

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Series–Mental Mastery Techniques for Rapid Change: Hypnosis

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Series–Mental Mastery Techniques for Rapid Change: Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a perfectly safe, relaxing technique that can benefit anyone. It is simply a focused state of awareness that increases the ability of the subconscious to absorb, accept & respond to information and ideas. It accesses the ultimate means of heightening motivation by programming your subconscious (reflective) mind to work in cooperation with your conscious (reactive) mind to achieve desired results.

You're already familiar with hypnosis, although you may not realize it. You go through this altered state of consciousness at least twice a day–when you are crossing over into sleep and when you are waking up. You also go into a "trance" state anytime you

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