The single BIGGEST barrier to achieving your dreams (Guest Blog)

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fearTHIS is the single biggest barrier to achieving your dreams (Morty Lefkoe, Guest Blog)

If you really want to understand why you haven’t achieved what you want—why you haven’t been able to manifest your dreams—answer the following five questions:

  • Are you usually afraid of starting something new?
  • Do you have a lot of ideas but you never seem to put them into action?
  • Do you procrastinate a lot?
  • Do you tend to do things the same way all the time?
  • Do you wonder why you aren’t more creative and innovative?

If you answered, “yes,” to any of these questions it’s probably because of one main fear…

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Moving from Fear to Faith

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 Moving From Fear to Faith      

 * Have you ever gone through a really challenging time that made you want to "give up?"
 * Does it seem like you're fighting an uphill battle with something in your life or business right now?
* Have the circumstances of the current world changes put a damper on your optimism and faith?

Change, although necessary and helpful, can be very difficult to handle. Even what one would label "good" changes can be difficult to get accustomed to and experience a sense of calm and confidence about.

The underlying emotion causing the turmoil is FEAR. The antidote is FAITH. Today's blog explores these dichotomies and how to not only accept and even embrace fear, but to transform it into its productive opposite–faith. Continue reading “Moving from Fear to Faith”