Teaching the Brain: The 10 Factors of Learning (Guest Blog)

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Teaching the Brain: The 10 Factors of Learning

Part 4 of 4-part series on better speaking with
Guest Blogger, Lizabeth Phelps

This 4-part series has centered around public speaking. The first week, I spoke about mirror neurons and how our audiences “mirror” our energy; the second week, I spoke about maintaining energy when you’re speaking about your business off-stage (where most entrepreneurs fumble); and last week, I urged you to “get strategic” about your speaking and shared the strategy that makes not only getting clients so much easier, but ensures that every one of your speaking engagements maintains your brand identity.

Today, I want to circle back to delivery from stage.

To be your best as an audience leader, you must understand how to teach the brain–what the brain needs in order to learn. This is a massive subject, and one I’ve spent years absorbing. My public speaking training, Secrets of Impact and Influence, integrates the learning, memory and emotion areas of neuroscientific research to teach how to get the attention of audiences’ brains, keep that attention, and enable long-term learning.

Here, I will share some of what I teach in that training: the 10 factors of rapid and deep learning. You will find them in the graphic below:

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Getting Strategic with Your Speaking! (Guest Blog)

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Getting Strategic with Your Speaking!
Guest Blogger, Lizabeth Phelps

In my first post two weeks ago, I wrote that your power as a public speaker lies in your energy because your energy is contagious.

Last week, I shared how most of my students come to understand that, but when they get off-stage and have to articulate the value of their business, their energy collapses. The key to powerfully describing what you do comes first in knowing whom you serve and then in knowing your “Business Thesis” or contention about what they must do to succeed. And I explained how your entire business rests on this thesis.

Today, I’m going to explain that—because it circles back to what you should be speaking about.

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Must-Have Marketing Mix Elements: Speaking

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Must-Have Marketing Mix Elements: Speaking

In a previous blog, I wrote about the importance of having a marketing mix and determining your top 3 effective marketing tactics to focus on. I've already covered one of them–networking. This post will cover another prime tactic to grow your business, which is through speaking.

The great thing about speaking as a marketing tactic is that it not only allows you to get in front of people to have the opportunity to generate leads but also gives you the opportunity to build your credibility and be seen as an "expert" in your field or topic. Yet so many entrepreneurs and business owners do not take advantage of this powerful tactic due to lack of knowledge or lack of confidence.

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