The Biggest Score Yet for Energy Psychology’s Validation

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The Biggest Score Yet for Energy Psychology’s Validation!
(Guest Blog, Robert Schwarz, PsyD, DCEP)

Woohoo! Big news!! One method of Energy Psychology (TFT) has now been accepted as an evidence-based treatment for things like Trauma and Stressor-Related Disorders and Symptoms, Self-Regulation, and Personal Resilience/Self-Concept.

This means the field of Energy Psychology is finally moving off the “woowoo” list and onto the scientifically validated list.

Why you should care about this:

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5-Step Process to Quickly Dissolve Negative Emotions

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The Lefkoe Occurring Process for Dissolving Stress & Negative Emotions

What is the main reason for all (emotional) human suffering?

>>The meaning we give to inherently meaningless events<<

As humans, we have this need to assign MEANING to everything that happens. And with that meaning comes the categorization of things as “positive” or “negative” for us or others. Subsequently, with that categorization, comes emotional response. Things categorized as “negative” elicit negative emotional energy, and vice versa. And negative emotional energy leads to suffering (in many forms, either with the emotion itself or with the destructive behaviors it leads to).

Read the rest of this post to learn a simple 5-step process to quickly turn any negative emotion neutral or even to something positive.

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Is Your “Money Thermostat” Set Too Low?

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money thermostat

Is Your “Money Thermostat” Set Too Low?

Have you hit an income ceiling in your business (or job) that you just can’t get past?

* Do you find it hard to raise your rates yet are barely getting by with what you do charge?

* Do you have a hard time holding on to money, especially when you finally get to a certain amount?

* Do you feel like you have to “work harder/more” to make more money?

These are all signs that you have a “stuck” money setpoint. And until you raise your money thermostat, you will continue to experience this barrier to earning–and keeping–more of those dollars. 

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The Secret Formula Behind All Success and Failure

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It might seem like a bold statement, but I believe that the majority of all success or failure in any endeavor is a direct result of what’s happening in your head and heart, which I explain succinctly through the TEAR formula.

Understanding and following the TEAR formula will make you exponentially more likely to achieve your goals. Conversely, failure to understand and follow this formula is likely to lead to a failure to achieve your goals.

This is why it is the cornerstone of all I teach and do, and those who work with me are people who get this concept (and if they don’t, I cannot work with them).

This “secret to success” formula can be described like this:

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5 Top Ways to Motivate Yourself

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check mark5 Top Ways to Motivate Yourself

Motivation—here today, gone tomorrow.

What is motivation and why does everyone want to "get" it? Why do we think we have to have it in order to start or finish something? Why does it seem so elusive or fleeting?

I think it's important to answer those questions before I share with you 5 top ways I have learned and used successfully for myself and with my clients over the years. This will give you a better basis for understanding why the techniques work and be willing to try them out.

And if you can learn what motivation is, where it comes from (and why it leaves), and how to get it when you need it to accomplish something, you can achieve more of what you want to in your business–and your personal life.

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Oh No–I Lost A Client When I Raised My Rates!

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oh no faceOh No–I Lost A Client When I Raised My Rates!

One of my clients recently sent me an email telling me she lost her first long-time client as a result of her fee increase and change in service structure. She said it didn't feel good.

We made these changes in order to grow her business and help people in a bigger way, and devised a plan to phase her long-time, loyal clients into the new structure and fees and communicate with them about the changes and the benefits to them.  

She was totally congruent about the change, and until now all of her current clients were okay with it as well. But when she encountered the first one who said they would not be continuing to come see her, the "Oh no!" thought came in and she started to doubt and feel bad/sad about losing someone she had worked with and developed a relationship with over the years. Here's some perspective and a tapping script I shared with her:

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How to Handle Workload Overwhelm

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How to Handle Workload Overwhelm

A client recently emailed me to say she was feeling like a melt-down was coming on, as there were "just too many things to do."

Overwhelm comes when you're focusing on too many things at once. As solopreneurs and business owners, this can be a common occurrence, and one that can sabotage your efforts, peace of mind, and health, so you'll want to get good at recognizing it early on and utilizing quick and effective ways to move from overwhelm to focus and action.

A few of my suggestions are below:

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Sharing Some of My Favorite Resources for Business, Mindset & Manifesting

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Here Are Some of My Favorite Resources for Business, Mindset & Manifesting

Business Tools/Resources (Business Marketing Help)

Autoresponder, newsletters, blog broadcasts, leads database — AWeber
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Email Marketing $19/Month!

Online Appointment Scheduler — GenBook
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Online file storage and sharing (documents, audios, pictures) — Dropbox
Always have your stuff when you need it wherever you are with @Dropbox. Sign up for free!



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A New Way to Heal the Mind & Body (Guest Blog)

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A New Way to Heal the Mind & Body
Guest Blog, Nick Ortner

Sharing this great article my friend, Nick Ortner, wrote and had published in the Huffington Post last week about this exciting new field of Energy Healing, which is bringing science and quantum physics into the forefront of a breakthrough way to heal physical and emotional issues.

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Series–Mental Mastery Techniques for Rapid Change: EFT

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Series–Mental Mastery Techniques for Rapid Change: EFT

What is EFT?
Simply put, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a form of acupressure that works with the energetic and emotional elements of illness/disease, stress, trauma, and pain to create a more balanced, healthy, positive and productive mind and body, leading to greater health, happiness, success, and satisfaction in life.
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