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Are You Letting Your Clients Run Your Business?
(Business Help)

I had a Strategy Session call with a holistic practitioner recently to discuss the challenges he was having with growing his business consistently. Based on his answers to a few key questions, I could see very clearly several key factors that related to his struggle; some were related to mindset and some to marketing and his business model.

As I explained how I could help him with these issues, just as I I solved them for myself as well as other clients I've worked with, he asked to work with me. I offered him the program I felt was the best fit for his needs and we agreed to get started.

Perfect win-win scenrio, right? It seemed so, until it came time to sign the contract. That's when the roles reversed and the client tried to hijack my business by asking me to modify my contract and program to accomodate his fears and doubts (read on if this has ever happened to you).

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