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money-in-trash-canDon’t spend time & money on a website for your business

Unless just want to pat yourself (and your web designer) on the back for having a “pretty” website that serves as an online brochure and tells people all about you and the services you provide, don’t spend time and money on creating a typical website.

But if you want to actually GET CLIENTS with your website and MAKE MONEY, as well as provide valuable information to your leads or prospects, then consider the information I’m sharing with you today.

There is MUCH MORE to an effective website that GETS YOU CLIENTS than most web designers offer you, such as a pretty layout, easy navigation, your contact information, and your “About Me” page.

I could write multiple pages and teach a whole course on this, so for brevity’s sake to fit in a post, I’m just going to touch on some main points.

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