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Our next “Marketing, Mindset & Manifesting with Lisa & Friends” video podcast is ready to watch:

The 3-Key Master Blueprint for Consistent Client Attraction with Lisa Smith

As a conscious business owner, focusing on a balance between the three areas of Marketing, Mindset & Manifesting are key to my success in business and what my clients benefit from learning and applying. Missing any one of these elements can diminish the effectiveness of your soul-based business (your clients’ results, your profit margin, and your ability to enjoy being a conscious business owner).  [Read more…]

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You Can't Hit a Missing Target–Another Success Tip for Goal-Setting

I was reviewing a client's "10 Goals in 90 Days" worksheet today and helping him to better define, plan, and create deadlines for his goals.

A few of his goals were too broad, and too big of a stretch for his stated timeframe. Although I encourage clients to stretch themselves and imagine doing or having bigger things than have before, I also make sure the goals have a good chance of success in relation to the circumstances of the client and/or their market.

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