Free Resource: Client-Getting Checklist

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check markFree Resource: Client-Getting Checklist

Client acquisition is the #1 most important focus of your business. If you don't have clients, you don't have a business, right?

There are many ways to find ideal clients and turn them into paying clients. 

The good news is that there are MANY activities you can engage in to find new clients. The bad news is that there MANY activities to choose from to find new clients!

Sometimes it can get overwhelming managing all the different activities for client acquisition. And often you are doing so many other things in your business (especially early on when you're wearing all/most of the "hats") that you can lose track of your marketing efforts.

That's why I created this handy Monthly Marketing & Client Acquisition Checklist for myself to keep track of my marketing activities–making sure I am working on client-getting activities every week/month so my pipeline doesn't dry up yet also being focused with my efforts. 

Until now, I have reserved this amazing checklist for myself and my clients. But I have come to realize how valuable these "done for you" administrative checklists can be to a new business owner. So I'm giving you this one as my gift to you for being a valued blog reader.

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