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God Wants You to Be Wealthy

One of the dilemmas of holisitc practitioners and spiritual business owners that keeps them from having monetarily successful businesses is the seeming contradiction between helping people/being spiritual and making money.

I've heard if from my peers, my clients, and even my own inner voice (usually in the tone of my maternal Grandfather). Just as I've had to work on it with myself (greatly improved but it still reappears from time to time, especially when I try to move up another level in income), this belief in its many forms shows up in all of my business clients to some degree and in various stages.

Thanks to some wonderul coaches and mentors, I have learned that God wants me to be abundant more than I want it, and accept this idea more and more in my life. I  in turn help my clients understand and accept it, too, in a way that opens them up to allow more abundance in.

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