Go Deep, Not Wide

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heart in businessGo Deep, Not Wide

In the relentless pursuit of improving my business, which is measured by the # of clients I work with and positively impact, as well as the income I earn, I am continuously evaluating what I am doing. When I realize something that is not yileding the results I want, I think about what I can do differently to get a different result.

I've been digging deeper into this since the beginning of the year and have identified several key lynchpins to go after. One is to "go deeper, not wider." What do I mean by that?

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How to Fix Relationship Problems–On Your Own (Guest Blog)

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How to Fix Relationship Problems–On Your Own
Aimee Serafini, Guest Blogger

Most of us entrepreneurs are action-oriented. We want to get things done, solve problems quickly when they arise, and move ahead. We do it in our business and we like to apply that same style to other “problems” in our lives. Including our relationships, whether they're personal or professional.

Not only do we want to have peaceful relationships for our own sake, we also know how distracting a frustrating/painful relationship can be to our business. So we want to fix it right away. But since it involves another person, it doesn’t seem like we can do it on our own. The other person needs to cooperate with our plan. Or at least be willing to talk about it! But what if they won't?

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