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Is Your Ego Voice Getting in the Way of Growth?

Sometimes your head gets in the way of what's for your highest good.

  I recently had a woman come to me for the free MindMastery Strategy 
  Session I offer when someone contacts me about my services. After we reviewed her pains and challenges, her goals and desires, and what services I could offer to assist her to move from where she was "stuck" to where she wanted to be instead, she asked to "think on it" so she wouldn't make a "rash decision."

This, I have found, is the "kiss of death" for achieving our goals—"thinking" too much about it. [Read more…]

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Are You Willing to Invest in Your Self and Your Business?

One of the biggest mistakes new business owners make — especially those who are struggling — is not investing in the personal development and business know-how to grow their business. 

I made this common mistake early on in my business, too. My lack-consciousness and money beliefs kept me from spending money on resources and training that would have helped me progress much faster in growing my business.

If I had known then what I know now, and had more understanding of the power of individualized and structured coaching, I would never have hesitated to take that first leap which changed everything…

[Read more…]