Eliminate Your Information-Hoarder Ways in 3 Simple Steps! (Guest Blog)

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information-hoarderEliminate Your Information-Hoarder Ways in 3 Simple Steps!
Araceli Gonzalez, Guest Blog

Meet Sally, an information hoarder.

By definition, a hoarder is a person who accumulates things and hides them away for future use. An information hoarder does exactly that, but with research.

Sally is a passionate self-employed nutritionist who absolutely loves to search and gather information to help her clients improve their health and wellness. Sally believes the information she gathers is extremely important to her business and getting rid of the piles will mean throwing away years of research.

Her library, once a bookshelf, are now piles on the floor and bed. Binders hold her clippings and her computer hard drive is bursting with information.

Her physical life is cluttered with paper. Her computer and email inbox are cluttered with articles and junk mail. She has a hard time finding what she's looking for- and yet, she can't let go.

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Read This BEFORE You Add Another Project To Your Plate

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3 Steps to Determine If You Should Take On a Project
Guest Blogger, Araceli Gonzalez

We’ve all been there–in the dreaded space of project abandonment. I, too, have started a project with enthusiasm and excitement only to give up on it somewhere along the way. Be honest with yourself–how many times in the past year have you started a project and abandoned ship midway (or sooner), even though your intention was to see it through?

Although creating an action plan once you take on a project is imperative to its success, there’s some leg work that needs to take place beforehand to even determine if taking on this project is going to be a wise decision.

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4 Warning Signs That You’re Busy But Not Productive! (Guest Blog)

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araceli4 warning signs that you’re busy but not productive!
Guest Blogger, Araceli Gonzalez

As a productivity & business mentor, people often tell me in conversation how busy they are. There’s so much to do! They can’t keep up and ultimately things fall off their plate. When I ask, “What do you want to accomplish?” there is usually a long awkward pause followed by “Oh, you know…the usual.”

The reality is that busyness is generated from a lack of focus. When you are not sure in which direction to go, anything and everything seems important–creating the sense of busyness and confusion in your life. 

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What Comes First, Prioritization or Planning? (Guest Blog)

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What Comes First, Prioritization or Planning?
Guest Blog, Araceli Gonzalez

If you have a long list of to-dos and at times you feel like 24 hours is not enough, then setting priorities for your life is crucial if you want to get things done.

Prioritization means to arrange (items to be attended to) in order of their relative importance. The more projects you are involved in and the more you do for your business and personal life, the more you need to prioritize your activities.

Creating priorities is a bit different from planning your day. What comes first, that wagon or the horse? In this case, what should you do first, plan, or prioritize?

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