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Here Are Some of My Favorite Resources for Business, Mindset & Manifesting

Business Tools/Resources (Business Marketing Help)

Autoresponder, newsletters, blog broadcasts, leads database — AWeber
(Use this link http://mmmcoach.AWeber.com to get a 30-day test drive for $1)

Email Marketing $19/Month!

Online Appointment Scheduler — GenBook
(Use this link and my promocode: LISASMITH1 to get 30 days free plus 15% discount on service)

Online file storage and sharing (documents, audios, pictures) — Dropbox
Always have your stuff when you need it wherever you are with @Dropbox. Sign up for free! http://db.tt/P1KYwOt7



The Secret
The Biology of Belief
Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself


EFTUniverse.com — Huge resource for all things EFT (articles on various topics, tapping scripts, videos, practitioners, store, training)
The Tapping Insiders Club — Membership site for tapping video tutorials, expert interviews, scripts and audio, store
Abraham-Hicks — Understanding universal principles and the Law of Attraction
Self Growth.com — The internet supersite for Self Improvement and Personal Growth.

Attitude is Everything
The Secret
You Can Heal Your Life
What the Bleep/Down the Rabbit Hole
The Living Matrix
The Tapping Solution
Yes Man
The Pursuit of Happyness
17 Seconds to More Money–Abraham Hicks, 10 minutes

My Videos

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