Recommended Resources for Biz/Life–Oct14

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check markRecommended Resources for Your Business (or Life in General)

I come across a lot of great resources that assist me in running my business and my life by helping me organize, simplify or automate what I need or want to do.

I’ll share these from time to time as I discover ones that I think would be really great for you, too.

If you use and like something I shared with you here, please leave a comment so others are encouraged to try it, too. And if you have something you use and love that you would like to share, please add that in the comment section.

Here are my picks for this month:

Pack Point App
What it does:  This is an app you can install onto your iphone or android that helps you create a packing list for trips.
Cost:  Free
Why I like it:  It starts with a good template of things based on categories of activities and is fully customizable to your location (detects the weather forecast), gender, whether work/leisure/both, preferences, and allows you to input # of items.
How to get it: or visit your app store from your cell phone.

Sucuri Website Security
What it does: Check your website for malware, fix any issues found, secure/protect from future attacks and notify you of attempts to access your website
Cost: Check site for malware or blacklisting (free); fix, secure/protect, notify ($90/year)
Why I like it: First of all, this saved my website when it was hacked and malware infiltrated it. Anyone visiting my website got a a huge warning window not to enter. Within less than a day Sucuri’s team had removed the malware and gotten my website backed up and secured! They also suggested additional things to do to protect my site. It is monitored round the clock and I receive notification anytime someone logs in or attempts to log in to my site and was blocked. In the rare case now that my site is ever hacked again, Sucuri will fix it within 24 hours (usually in a few hours). IF YOU HAVE A BUSINESS WEBSITE, SECURE IT WITH A PROGRAM LIKE THIS! Well worth $90 to save what you have spent hundreds or thousands of dollars to create, wouldn’t you agree?
How to get it:

What it does:  This is a Cloud storage location you can access via any internet-capable device that stores everything that matters to you. Clip & save web articles, capture voice or handwritten notes or type in notes, snap photos to keep the physical and digital details of your projects with you at all times. Access those items at any time from any device. Share items with others. They also now have an app you can install onto your iphone or android to access various features. 
Cost:  Free. Additional features like on-the-fly presentations can be accessed with Premium or Business upgrades for as little as $5/mo.
Why I like it:  It is a great place to store notes, weblinks, and other information that I might want to easily access when I’m away from my home/office. 
How to get it:

Do you have a favorite app, time-saver, or software system that helps you run your life/business? Share it with me and I’ll include it in a future post so others can enjoy it, too!


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