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Your Wait is Over–Now is the Time to Break Free of Procrastination! 

The Procrastination Buster Mini Toolkit you ordered is here!

You've just taken a positive action to help you loosen the grip of procrastination!

By requesting this Procrastination Buster Mini Toolkit, you are well on your way to becoming more of an action-taker and achieving greater success in all areas of your personal and business life.

Toolkit Item #1

The PDF "Understanding and Breaking Free of Procrastination" can be downloaded with this link. Right click on the link to save it to your computer for safekeeping and reading.

Toolkit Item #2

The hypnosis MP3*, "Moving thru' Procrastination to Success" contains

  • An Introduction track describing how to use the hypnosis audio
  • A state-of-the art mental conditioning recording that combines soothing music, theta-inducing binary audio tones, and powerful statements and imagery to eliminate negative beliefs about yourself and your ability to be a success with your business, and replace them with positive, confident ones instead.*

*Disclaimer: Because of the nature of these processes, they should not be listened to while operating a moving vehicle or any dangerous equipment. This audio series, it owners, agents, and representatives accept no responsibility for any liability, injuries or damages arising from the use of any of the techniques or information contained herein.

To access the mp3 recordings, right click on each of the links in blue above to download onto your computer (choose "file save as" or "save link as" from the drop down menu that appears and choose a location on your computer to save them to).

As a bonus, you'll also receive occasional emails giving you more information and resources for using your mind more effectively to achieve whatever you want! (You can opt out of these emails any time you choose by following the instructions at the bottom of them; but my goal is to make them valuable for you so you look forward to getting them).

Toolkit Item #3

The 9-day e-course, "25 Top Ways to Get and Stay Motivated," will be sent to your email address daily over 9 days, starting today. YOU MUST REGISTER FOR THIS SEPARATELY WITH THE SIGN-UP BOX AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE BEFORE YOU'LL START RECEIVING THE SERIES.

Toolkit Bonus

In addition to the items above, you will also receive a "seat" for my BONUS Live Q&A Call at the end of July (date and time to be announced) **$150 value** if you registered for this product by 7/25. This call will give you the opportunity to personally ask me any questions you may have about the material after you've had some time to use and apply it, share your experiences and successes, and find out how you can take this work further. You will be mailed additional instructions a few days before the event, but mark it on your calendar now.


You will greater assure your success with this Toolkit if you:

  • Read the Special Report, "Understanding and Breaking Free of Procrastination," and apply the Action Steps shared
  • Commit to listening to your hypnosis audio every day for 30 days (and in the future if old habits ever start to surface again)
  • Test out the techniques in the Motivators E-Course and use the ones that seem to work best for you
  • Keep an open mind and allow yourself to succeed

If you have problems with any of the links or materials of this Procrastination Busters Toolkit, please contact me at to assist you.


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