Procrastination Buster Toolkit

Procrastination Buster ToolKit

> Stop stressing!

> Stop looking bad!

> Stop losing time!

> Stop losing opportunity!


Procrastination is the #1 killer of success. Don't kill your business–or your dreams–due to a habit of procrastination.

Let's be honest. We ALL procrastinate on things from time to time. It's human nature. And sometimes it's helpful or necessary. There's always going to be some amount of procrastination in your life.

But when we procrastinate on the really important things–the tasks or projects that have very negative consequences if not completed or by a certain time, or those that will bring us more of what we say we want (like health, happiness, money, helping others)–or when procrastination causes us to stress out by doing things at the last minute, miss out on advantageous opportunities, impact others in a negative way, or affect the quality of the work we do finally produce–that's when it is detrimental.

And when procrastination becomes a habit, we find it hard to break free of the pattern. And in order to do so effectively, we must first understand what procrastination is all about–the variety of reasons we procrastinate, the beliefs and fears that produce it, and that it is a SYMPTOM, not a cause. And then we must learn and practice both PRACTICAL/EXTERNAL as well as EMOTIONAL/INTERNAL techniques to eliminate or counteract the cause(s) of procrastination in the variety of situations in which it shows up.   

I've specifically created this toolkit with all these elements and needs in mind, extracted from years of helping clients–as well as myself–diminish detrimental procrastination and instill action-oriented thoughts, emotions and behaviors in its place. 


This Toolkit Contains:





=> PDF Report: "Understanding and Breaking Free of Procrastination" ($20 Value)
=> 9-Day E-Course: "25 Top Ways to Get & Stay Motivated" ($50 Value)
=> MP3: "Moving thru' Procrastination to Success" Hypnosis ($30 Value)
=> MP3 & PDF: EFT Tap-Along and Script for Releasing Procrastination ($30 Value)
=> Bonus MP3 for Business Owners: "Developing a Business Owner's Mindset"
     (includes 4 Tracks–Intro., Preparation Exercise, Hypnosis, Affirmations) ($50 Value)

In addition to the items above, you will also receive a "seat" for my BONUS Live Q&A Call on February 18th from 4-5 PM ($150 value). This call will give you the opportunity to personally ask me any questions you may have about the material after you've had a few weeks to use and apply it, share your experiences and successes, hear ideas from others who successfully used any of the ideas or techniques, and find out how you can take this work further.

The total value of this Procrastination Buster Toolkit is $330. But for participants in the Be Free, Be Happy Online Expo, and for a limited time, you can have all of these Procrastination-Busting Tools for the ridiculously low price of just $97!

But you must order by January 28 at midnight to receive this discount and be registered for the Live Q&A in February. After that, the Toolkit will still be available, but the price will increase to $147 and the Q&A registration will be closed until the next one (in March or April).


Don't let the procrastination clock keep ticking away the time you could be using to make a real impact in your life and your business! ORDER NOW!



I'm so confident that you will experience a noticeable improvement in your procrastination habits that I will refund your full purchase price if you don't. All I require is that you use each of the tools in the toolkit in some manner at least several times a week (and at least one tool daily) to activate their potential to help you change and give yourself the opportunity to see the difference they can make. You have a full 30 days to test them out. If you use them as directed for at least 2 weeks and do not feel you have improved your ability to take action quicker, easier, or on things that you used to put off, just write to me and request a full refund.* (This is also designed to keep you from procrastinating on using the tools once you order them!)


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*Note: Because of the reinforcement and time-dependent nature of these techniques, refunds will only be honored after 2 weeks from purchase to assure you have received all 9 days of Motivators emails and allowed yourself sufficient time to apply the variety of techniques to their full potential. After 2 weeks you may request a refund, and up to 30 days after purchase. This will also allow you the ability to have access to the Q&A call to ask me questions that can help you get better results. I want to help you succeed in becoming more action-oriented!