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shaking-handsNever Lose a Lead Again–And Turn More Into Clients

Since working with various business coaches over the years, I’ve heard this phrase time and time again: “The fortune is in the follow-up.” Business research shows that about 80% of sales happen AFTER the FIFTH CONTACT!

Yet most sales people (this includes business owners), quit after the 3rd attempt (if they even make it that far).

I find there are 3 main factors why this happens:

1. Not having a good system for recording, tracking, and reminding you about lead follow-up

2. Not knowing how to follow up (call, email, in person, what to say)

3. Being afraid to follow up (fear of rejection, fear of seeming pushy, fear of looking desperate, etc.)

I'll cover the other two in future blogs. The one I want to focus on today is #1–Not having a good system. 

In the interest of being transparent, this is something I have struggled with since I started my business full time nearly 7 years ago. And as I've gotten better at actually creating leads, it's become glaringly apparent at how much business I have been losing because I was letting leads–even "hot" ones–slip away from not having a really good system that was easy, consistent, and effective in recording, tracking and reminding me to follow up (I have piles of biz cards, slips of paper, a reminder in my head, note on calendar, a paper tracking sheet, a digital tracking sheet, an index card file box, my virtual assistant, etc.–-all over the place!). UNTIL NOW.

I finally took some time this weekend to review some online CRMs (Client Relations Management systems) and found several very good, highly rated ones, like Less Annoying CRM ($10/mo./user) and Insightly (free for up to 3 users). (Interestingly, I noted that I wrote down LACRM in my resource notebook well over a year ago to check back into).

After reviewing the features of each (very similar), I finally decided to go with Insightly and signed up for it. I'm really excited about the promise of how it's going to make my follow-up much more streamlined for me and my VA.

It also serves as a project management system–bonus! Plus the functionality and customization I am able to do with it really has my head churning about the possibilities of it simplifying and streamlining so much of my work (and clearing my desk of paper clutter and piles of business cards)!

Whether you are just starting off your business (with leads you can count on one hand) or been doing business and generating leads for a while, I highly recommend you research and sign up for a CRM system now–don’t put it off like I did and let potential ideal clients slip through your fingers!!!

Do you need help getting ideal clients and making more money with less effort and more fun?  Schedule a complimentary MMM Strategy Session with me 
to identify what you are missing in the three keys of creating a successful business–Marketing, Mindset and Manifesting–and IMMEDIATE steps to take so you can get more clients and make a difference in more lives!

Your partner in success,

Lisa Smith
Marketing, Mindset & Manifesting Coach

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