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multitaskingMulti-Tasking is the Enemy of Excellence

As women, it is our nature (and often our benefit) to juggle many things at once. This serves us well when we are playing the myriad of roles required in our society—wife, mother, employee/business owner, maid, nurse, chauffeur, social director, etc.

But it can become a double-edged sword that diffuses our energy and focus, wears us down mentally and physically, and causes us to give things less than our best.
There's only so much energy and focus that we have to give to our activities. Spreading our attention to too many things at once creates weaker and weaker streams of energy. Our brain gets tired, our creativity is weakened, and our stamina to carry out the physical aspects of our activities fades.

Sometimes it's better to say "no" to new requests or opportunities if you already have other things you've committed to that are more important or that you want to give your best to. If you can't give something your all, you're setting yourself (and others) up for less-than-stellar effort and results.

Think about your activities like a balance sheet. There's a plus column and a minus column, and a fixed amount of resources (e.g., time/energy). If you want to add something to the plus column, you need to subtract something from the other column in order to keep the balance. If not, eventually you'll wind up with nothing.

So keep your multi-tasking nature in check by carefully choosing what you take on and give your energy to. And when you're working on creative/mental tasks, have that be the only thing you are focused on at that time. You'll notice less stress, greater health, and as sense of clarity and insight that will have high dividends in your personal and business "accounts."

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