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 Moving From Fear to Faith      

 * Have you ever gone through a really challenging time that made you want to "give up?"
 * Does it seem like you're fighting an uphill battle with something in your life or business right now?
* Have the circumstances of the current world changes put a damper on your optimism and faith?

Change, although necessary and helpful, can be very difficult to handle. Even what one would label "good" changes can be difficult to get accustomed to and experience a sense of calm and confidence about.

The underlying emotion causing the turmoil is FEAR. The antidote is FAITH. Today's blog explores these dichotomies and how to not only accept and even embrace fear, but to transform it into its productive opposite–faith.

I was on a coaching call with a client who was asking for some coaching around her frustration and fear that she was working really hard but not seeing much results (i.e., $$) from her efforts. Some days/weeks she would get leads or clients and some days/weeks she wouldn't see much happening. She was trying to keep her Faith but kept getting sucked back into Fear.

"Obstacles are those scary things we see when we take our eyes off our goal."

Through some reframing, I helped remind this solopreneur of ways to quickly move out of fear and into faith–where the power and peace of mind resides. Below are some ideas and belief changes that I have used mysself and shared with my own clients.

1. Reach for the next best emotion. When you're in a state of fear, it's difficult to immediately shift into faith. First thing you can do is to focus on things that will bring you to a slightly better state. The next few tips are ways to do that.

2. Get realistic. Get out of your imaginitive mind and think with your logical mind. Ask yourself, "How likely is the WORST case scenario REALLY LIKELY to happen? The answer, when you are thinking logically, is usually "not very." The future hasn't happened, so whatever you're imagining is just fantasy.

FEAR = Fantasy Evidence Appearing Real

3. Focus on gratitude. What IS right/good in your life or business right now? What resources/things/people do you have that can support you? When you shift your attention to thankfulness, fear starts to fall away. To help maintain this state, start a gratitude journal. During the day or at the end of the day, write down the good things that happened, things that made you smile or feel good, things that you are grateful to have.

4. Do something you love that makes you feel good/safe/laugh. Distract yourself with positive activities so your focus shifts and you allow yourself to experience a better-feeling state. Once you've created that shift, you can see things more clearly and access your creative, problem-solving mind to find solutions. You also change your energy to a vibration that will be more likely to attract resources to help you.

5. Meditate or pray to ask for guidance. Tap into your Higher Self/God/ Spirit/the Universe. That is a force and resource far greater than our itty bitty human consciousness. Tapping into it can create miracles, and at the very least, will comfort you and re-access your Faith.

FEAR = Forgetting Everything's All Right  (God has your back)

6. Stop resisting "what is" (or what appears to be) and release the struggle. "Let go, let God." When you're paddling fervently against the tide you are wasting energy and not making any headway. Let the oars go and see where the stream takes you, trusting that you will be guided to where you need to go.

7. Move into or stay in ACTION. What CAN you do or what DO you have control over right now? Get back into sense of empowerment by working on what you can. Fear becomes more intense when we're "stuck" and standing still.

8. Reach out to others and ask for help. Whether it's financial help, emotional support, ideas or resources, or even counseling to help you better manage your situation, feelings and responses. We live in a giving world filled with people and resources that are here to help others. Believe that and you will find it!

 9. Tap away the fear. One of my favorite tools to use with myself and my clients is EFT/meridian tapping. I can't tell you how effective and quick this technique can be! All negative emotions are the result of a disruption in the energy system of the body. When you tap or rub the meridian points (the "power" energy points in the body used in acupuncture), you shift your energy system from negative to positive and the emotions get "discharged" so to speak. You can learn more about this technique all over the internet. The best site to start with is I have a 15-minute instructional video on my site here.

Forget Anxiety–I Trust Him

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Your partner in success,

Lisa Smith
Marketing, Mindset & Manifesting Coach

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