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Client acquisition is the #1 most important focus of your business. If you don't have clients, you don't have a business, right?

There are many ways to find ideal clients and turn them into paying clients. 

The good news is that there are MANY activities you can engage in to find new clients. The bad news is that there MANY activities to choose from to find new clients!

Sometimes it can get overwhelming managing all the different activities for client acquisition. And often you are doing so many other things in your business (especially early on when you're wearing all/most of the "hats") that you can lose track of your marketing efforts.

That's why I created this handy Monthly Marketing & Client Acquisition Checklist for myself to keep track of my marketing activities–making sure I am working on client-getting activities every week/month so my pipeline doesn't dry up yet also being focused with my efforts. 

Until now, I have reserved this amazing checklist for myself and my clients. But I have come to realize how valuable these "done for you" administrative checklists can be to a new business owner. So I'm giving you this one as my gift to you for being a valued blog reader.

Why would you want this checklist?

Diversity of activities is important (you don't want to have all your eggs in one client-getting activity basket) but too much diversity can be a bad thing because you don't have focused effort. 

This Checklist provides the simplest, quickest, and most effective client-getting activities you should be focusing on and doing on a consistent (weekly/monthly) basis to get new clients.

Instructions for requesting the Monthly Marketing & Client Aquisition Checklist are below. It's in a Word document vs. a PDF so you can edit it to suit your needs (like adding more lines for different activities). But don't change too much–the # of check boxes for each activity is the minimum # of that activity that you should be striving for.

When I give my clients this Checklist, we discuss each item in more detail so they understand what each activity means, the reasoning behind each activity, and how to record the activity when completed (what to put on the line).

If you have questions about any of the acitivites listed or using the Checklist, please post it in the comments section below on this blog page so I can see it and answer it there for the benefit of other readers as well.


1. Request the Monthly Marketing & Client Aquisition Checklist by using the request box below. You will immediately receive an email requesting you to confirm your request for it (this is a spam-protection step). If you don't open that email and click on the approval link, the system won't be able to send you the Checklist.

2. Download the Checklist right away when it is sent to you, save it somewhere on your computer where you will know how to access it each month, print it out and start using it to plan, track, and complete your regular client-getting activities every month.

3. Watch how many more clients you are getting each month when you consistently use this Checklist (and let me know how it works for you).

**If you know other business owners who might like the Checklist as well, please share this blog with them so they can request it themselves. That way they'll also get the valuable follow-up emails I'll send with related information and additional gifts that I'll share.

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