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Inspiring People–Nick Vujicic

I love hearing about and sharing stories about people that overcame seemingly insurmountable obstacles, went for their dreams despite what others might have said or done, show us what’s possible when we believe and ever give up, and demonstrate admirable behavior and integrity–even when others might try to convince them not to or when they didn’t even know anyone was noticing.

Here’s a great example of someone who chose not to be defined by his apparent “lack” or differences, that will bring you both a tear and a smile! (And rethink what’s possible for YOU.)

How do YOU limit yourself? What limiting thoughts do you hold about who you are and what you’re capable of? Are these ideas and beliefs keeping you from doing what you need to and can do in your business to attract ideal clients and make more money with less effort and more fun? If your results are not what you want to be reaping, I can help you plant new seeds of thought in your mind! 
 Schedule a complimentary MMM Business Strategy Session with me to identify how your thoughts are sabotaging your efforts and how you can begin to turn them around.

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