Go Deep, Not Wide

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heart in businessGo Deep, Not Wide

In the relentless pursuit of improving my business, which is measured by the # of clients I work with and positively impact, as well as the income I earn, I am continuously evaluating what I am doing. When I realize something that is not yileding the results I want, I think about what I can do differently to get a different result.

I've been digging deeper into this since the beginning of the year and have identified several key lynchpins to go after. One is to "go deeper, not wider." What do I mean by that?

Essentially, "go deep, not wide" means to turn more of my efforts to developing the relationships I already have and less on finding new contacts.

More and more of the key business coaches, influencers, and industry analysts are claiming that "relationship building" is the new "path to gold." Especially with the explosion of social media.

"Now more than ever, connecting with other people on an authentic level is not only an important skill…it's the new currency for success," claims my friend and 6-figure business consultant, Lisa Marie Platske in her book, "Connection: The New Currency."

How this occurred to me this morning as a few synchronistic messages converged in my mind, is that a focus of my business this year needs to be on building deeper relationships with the people I have already come across and developed an initial perfunctory relationship with.

By that I mean those people who I have met at least once but have not delved deeper with to determine if there is a mutually beneficial relationship possible. Whether it be someone who could be a referral source/partner or joint venture partner, a resource for the growth of my business, or someone who has a spoken or unspoken need for my services.

So instead of collecting more and more business cards that just sit in piles around my office, or having that superficial conversation at a networking meeting that never leads to any further exploration, or trying to get more leads while past ones grow cold from lack of consistent and persistent attention, my focus must turn to cultivating what I already have in front of me.

This will take some planning, structure, systems, focused time allocaton, and automation. As well as letting go of time and activities that I have been spending on the superficial pursuit of the next "bright shiny object" in terms of people (going wide). 

That doesn't mean that if a new person crosses my path that has the immediately recognizable potential of being a good partner or client that I will not pursue a further relationship. It simply means that I will concentrate my concerted efforts towards those who I already have in my circle–in person and on line–and ways that I can delve deeper into possibilites of collaboration or consultation with them in a way that has true meaning and value (going deep).

So that is my errand. My query to you is, how are YOU going to stop going wide and instead go deep, so you too can build a business based on deep, more meaningful and impactful connection?

This is putting the heart back in business.

Do you need help finding prospects and partners to "go deep" with? Or with finding ways to develop those deeper heart-centered relationships? Perhaps I can help. Schedule a complimentary MMM Strategy Session 
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Your partner in success,

Lisa Smith
Marketing, Mindset & Manifesting Coach

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