Don’t spend time & money on a website for your business

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money-in-trash-canDon’t spend time & money on a website for your business

Unless just want to pat yourself (and your web designer) on the back for having a “pretty” website that serves as an online brochure and tells people all about you and the services you provide, don’t spend time and money on creating a typical website.

But if you want to actually GET CLIENTS with your website and MAKE MONEY, as well as provide valuable information to your leads or prospects, then consider the information I’m sharing with you today.

There is MUCH MORE to an effective website that GETS YOU CLIENTS than most web designers offer you, such as a pretty layout, easy navigation, your contact information, and your “About Me” page.

I could write multiple pages and teach a whole course on this, so for brevity’s sake to fit in a post, I’m just going to touch on some main points.

I was recently on a private Facebook group with fellow female hypnotherapists and saw a post from one of them with a link to her new website, which she was proudly sharing with the group. All the posts were about how great it looked, how pretty it was, and how her personality came through on it.

Knowing that this information might feed her ego, but not her bank account, I shared that although it “looked nice” it wasn’t likely to get her many clients. I explained very briefly that there were some key ingredients that were missing—as they typically are with holistic practitioners who don’t have any business or marketing/sales background,–and that if she wanted to know more, to private message me so I could share what I was talking about.

A few women asked me to share with them as well so they could learn to help their businesses. A woman who was also a former web designer, however, countered back to not take my advice until looking at my website and that how I had my website set up would not be effective in a UK market (where both the ladies were from). After a few more posts where I tried to share about having foundational elements but adapting it to your own target market, we agreed to disagree.

Most web designers do not think like marketers–they think like designers. My degree and former career was in marketing and I've had to keep up with the changing trends as I've grown my business over the years. And although styles vary as to design and "feel" and the market/culture you are speaking to, there are certain basic elements that are crucial to making your website more than an online brochure that people see for a few seconds then leave and you've lost them for good. Only a small percentage of people who come to a website are ready RIGHT NOW to pick up the phone and call to ask for information/assistance.

This gave me a teaching moment to share in my blog to help you benefit from my experience and knowledge about effectively getting clients/sales from a website. (Caveat: I am by no means saying my websites are perfect and getting me all the clients that they could. I am frequently testing and changing things on them and there are more things I have plans to change. However, I do know that I have elements in my website that DO help me to more effectively market to and get clients than the typical coach or holistic practitioner).

Here are 3 main elements you need to include in your website, no matter what your market is or where you live, to cater to first-time visitors:

1. Qualifying questions or statements that immediately identify who you are talking to so they feel they have landed in the right place and are willing to stay on your site and learn/engage more. If not, THEY’RE GONE! Taking up your top few inches of the web page they land on with a pretty picture—or worse yet, a flash slider (moving pictures) is a big mistake (it messes up “spiders” that crawl your website for information to categorize in online keyword searches so people searching for what you have to offer can find you). Make sure they know they are the type of person you help and what kind of results they can get from working with you.

2. A clear CTA (or couple of choices). You’ve got to guide them to a next step on their information and transformation journey. What do you want them to do once they’ve landed on your page? Sometimes they don’t even know what they want or what to do next. The obvious thing might be to call you to hire you with their need or desire. But not everyone is quite at that stage yet. These calls to action help both you AND them to continue to serve them to a point of resolution.

     a. Call you for more information, a consultation, and appointment, etc. Make sure your contact
         information is prominently on the home page preferably all of them).

     b. Purchase something from you (if you are more of a product-driven business or also want
         to offer products for people who are ready to purchase something specific—usually this is
         not a first-time visitor

     c. Get some free valuable information from you that addresses a burning need or desire, which
         will be sent to them directly when they give you their contact information—as simple as their
         name and email address.

Option B is a direct path to cash and a new client. But that is less likely to be the action first-time visitors take until you have built the know/like/trust (KLT) factor with them in some way.

Option A is giving them the opportunity to get to know/like/trust you in a more direct and intimate way. Not everyone who first comes to your site is ready for that level yet. It requires more trust and for them not to have the fear that you’re just going to try to sell to them. And not everyone is going to be an ideal client that you would love to work with.

Option C is a GIVE vs. a “sell,” provides them helpful information pertaining to their need/desire that also gets them to know/like/trust you more, and allows you to have their information so that even if they never come back to your website again you can continue to reach out to them. This is known as a “lead capture and continuity system.” And it works no matter what country you or your ideal customers are in.

Why have a lead-capture and continuity system?

Having a lead capture offer and continuity marketing system is a more reliable client-attraction system with a website than just a static website with information on it. There are many ways to do that to fit one's particular market. There is a win-win logic behind this offer-capture system that serves both you AND the person seeking help, in a fully authentic way that is win-win.

Their win: You provide a valuable resource or information that matches someone’s need (an audio, a report, a quiz/assessment, a video tutorial, tips, etc.) and helps them take a next step action to resolve their problem or fulfill their desire—at least on a basic level or for the moment.

Your win: You show yourself as a generous person (help for free), an expert in the particular subject matter or service, and someone who has their best interest in mind, which in turn develops the KLT factor so they are more likely to contact you or purchase from you. You also “capture” someone who has visited your website but is not quite ready for the deeper, more committed level of talking to you or purchasing from you so you can continue to “court” them with more information and ideas that can move them to a more committed and impactful next step.

This would come through emails (or direct mail) on a fairly regular basis—always in a giving mode (80-100% give, only 20% or occasional direct offers to purchase or at least contact you for further, personalized help).

Your website doesn't need to look just like mine or have all the elements mine has–it has been developed for my market. But at least start off with a lead-capture system to improve the results you can get from your site. Read this past post for more on this topic and the resources to set up such a system. 

NOW, you can go out and spend time & money on a website, and be in a better position to have it be an effective tool in your marketing toolbox to GET CLIENTS, MAKE MONEY & HELP PEOPLE.

Do you need help learning how to use your time and money wisely to get more clients, help more people, and make more money?  Schedule a complimentary MMM Strategy Session with me 
to identify what you are missing in the three keys of creating a successful business–Marketing, Mindset and Manifesting–and IMMEDIATE steps to take so you can get more clients and make a difference in more lives!

Your partner in success,

Lisa Smith
Marketing, Mindset & Manifesting Coach

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