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If your definition of abundance is "having more than just enough" or "a consistent flow of what you need when you need it," but that seems like an elusive goal, I've got some insight and inspiration today to help you (including access to a free movie all about how to create more abundance).

There's no denying that there are people in the world–many who you may know (you might even be one of them)–who are "just getting by" or struggling to keep one step ahead of the bills. The idea of an overflow of money (or other resources like time, friends, ideas, business or love) seems like something other people have but they never will. 


The good news is that abundance is all around and can be tapped into more consistently when you know and understand some basic ideas about the "Laws of the Universe." "The Science of Getting Rich," the book upon which the movie "The Secret" was based shares about these Laws. 


But a simple concept I want to share with you today is the idea of the 2mm (millimeter) difference.


Most people don't realize the difference between success and failure, achieving your goal and being way off target, can be as little as a milimeter or two and a subtle adjustment (not a total start from scratch or drastic change) is all that is necessary.


You see, small increments over time or distance can yield a large variance. If you hit a golf ball just 1-2mm off from your intended hit/angle in one direction or the other, that can lead to a 10 to 50 foot difference the longer it goes before hitting the ground.


An airplane that goes off its intended course just 1-2mm from its takeoff to its landing can be a state or even a country off by the time it is ready to land. The more time or distance the plane or golf ball goes, the further off it will be. 


If you correct your golf swing by just 2mm, it can land on the green or in the hole where you intended. If the plane continues to course correct on its flight path by just millimeters, it can overcome all the variables it will encounter during flight that would set it off course.



1. Before you go throwing out that entire marketing campaign or sales process, or change your entire brand or proposal, or start from ground zero on something in your business that has not worked out the way you intended, stop and ask yourself what small change you could experiment with making that could create a big difference over time (or distance)–or even right away.

2. Be willing to experiment, take risks, ask for feedback, do some research, change what you're doing, detach from what you think is "absolutely right/great."

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Your partner in success,

Lisa Smith
Marketing, Mindset & Manifesting Coach

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