How to Sabotage Your Coaching

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How to Sabotage Your Coaching

This post is meant to speak to two groups:
1. Coaches
2. People working with a coach (or contemplating working with a coach)

The coaching process can be very powerful in helping shorten the learning curve of attaining a goal and improving one’s potential to achieve greater things. Yet, many who hire a coach fail to experience the immense benefit that great coaching can provide. Why?

Because of a breakdown in the basic foundations and structure of the coaching process.

If you are spending time and money to work with a coach, make sure to read this post to help prevent yourself from sabotaging your results. If you are a coach, this post can help you be on the lookout for any early signs of dysfunction on either of your parts that can lead to a frustrating experience with your client, so you can turn it around. Continue reading “How to Sabotage Your Coaching”

What common biz activity lowers IQ more than pot smoking?

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smoking pot

What common business activity lowers IQ more than smoking pot?

According to a study by the Institute of Psychiatry at the University of London, this common habit temporarily reduces your IQ by 10 points. 

Women pride themselves on doing it–and being better than men at it. 

Most fool themselves into thinking it make them more efficient.

I am guilty of doing it, and I would be willing to bet a pretty penny that YOU are guilty of it, too.

What IS this all-too-common brain function-reducing activity?

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A Helpful Visual Way to Organize Ideas, Projects, Goals & More

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MindMapping–A Helpful Way to Organize Ideas, Projects, Goals, Resources & More

  • Do you ever feel overwhelmed with the amount of information you have to keep track of?
  • Or confused about how to best remember, sort, and prioritize all the ideas coming into your head about goals, work projects, home projects, etc.?
  • Do lists get too large and cumbersome for you to be able to quickly pull out key ideas and relationships between ideas or tasks?

Over the years I've tried many systems of recording and organizing information. Different "systems" have worked well for different situations, and one of my favorites–especially for the ideas and projects I have in mind for my business–is called MindMapping. It's especially great for visual or abstract thinkers.

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